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Christi Bennett
Christi Bennett

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An Indianapolis woman arrested after Christi Bennett was accused of driving her car to a group of protesters. The two protesters were accused of shooting a 35-year-old man and a 29-year-old woman, whose vehicle ended as a racist justice rally outside the County of Monroe County around 9:30 on July 6. According to IndyStar, he was charged with innocence and leaving the scene of the accident and was taken to Monroe County Prison on July 8, and then released with a $ 500 bond.

Christi Bennett Age

She is 66 years old.

Christi Bennett Video Driving Into Protesters

The viral video shows a red Toyota driven by Bennett and two people hanging on the hood as the car moves along North Walnut Street. Toyota approached an electric scooter on the street, and a man came out and threw him off the road. That’s when Chaz Mottinger, 29, approached Toyota and his hands stood on the hood of the car. The car accelerates and causes Mottinger to get on the hood of the car. Then a man grabbed the car and stuck to it as he moved north on Walnut Street. The two remained on the car until he turned east on the sixth street and the car crashed.

While the 35-year-old man was scratching his arms as a result of falling from the vehicle, Mottinger cut off his head and was taken to the hospital for treatment.

“I wanted to stop harming other people,” said Mottinger, who wanted to prevent other people from getting hurt. “I didn’t think any other person would try to control me.”

Christi Bennett  Arrested & Charges

Many people provided the researchers with a cell phone video including the license plate of the event and shared the video on social media. On Wednesday, July 9, investigators found Bennett and the man who threw the scooter at a motel in Scottsburg, Indiana, and detained them after seeing the car’s registered owner stay there. He was released by interviewing the man who was not diagnosed by Bloomington Police, but Bennett was taken to Bloomington to be interviewed by the detectives. He and his lawyer refused to make a statement, so he was arrested and jailed, but later released with a $ 500 bond.

Bennett was booked to Monroe County Prison for three upfront fees, including: Crime neglect, level 6 crime (two numbers) Leaving an accident scene that results in serious bodily injury, level 6 crime Leaving an accident site resulting in bodily injury, Class A misdemeanor