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Christian Koch
Christian Koch

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39-year-old Christian Koch was killed when a Blackhawk medical evacuation helicopter crashed in Monroe County. Koch was a 20-year veteran of the New York Army National Guard. He has served in Afghanistan and Iraq and has won numerous awards.

Christian Koch Career

He had been a pilot for the New York State Police since 2016. He was honored by the Western New York Red Cross for his role in the rescue of an 11-year-old boy in June 2020. It’s 30 meters from a passage and taken for medical care.

Koch, whose title was Chief Authorized Officer 4, initially served as infantry in the 2nd Battalion A Division, 108th Infantry. He became a flying helicopter pilot from the Army Aviation Support Facility at Rochester airport in 2006. Aimee Koch said her brother Scott Koch also served as a helicopter pilot.

She retired from the war in Afghanistan in 2012 and 2013, and the Iraq war in 2008 and 2009. She served as part of Operation Noble Eagle, the National Guard security mission in the United States after 9/11 she. 2001 attacks in 2004.

Sergeant Major Amber Davis previously served in the same company as Koch, Company F, the 1st company of the 169th General Support Aviation Battalion.

They didn’t always agree, but when it came to flying a plane, he completely trusted him.

“I have flown with many different pilots, but there are a handful that I can say I can sincerely trust,” Davis said. “And in a handful that I truly trust, he’s right there.”

Knowing his experience as a pilot – Koch recorded 2,350 flight hours – Davis said he was looking forward to more information.

“Is that what went wrong for me?” Davis said. “I’ve been on so many flights and so many missions with them. What went wrong?”

Christian Koch Family & GoFoundMe

Her brother-in-law, Aimee Koch, said Koch’s 40th birthday would be next Monday.

He and his wife Teressa DaGama got married on October 5, 2019 and each brought two children from their previous relationship and blended their families.

Aimee Koch said she loved the Koch kids – biological or bonus – with the same passion.

On Saturday mornings Koch would fill the house with the scent of pancakes on the stove. Aimee Koch said that art projects are a regular activity in her homes, and she often goes out and collect pine cones with her kids to create Elfin villages.

“Every child should be lucky to have a father as loving and engaged as he is,” Aimee Koch said, her voice broken. “He was incredibly loving. There really aren’t enough swearwords and words that don’t sound hyperbolic to explain it.

They are still processing your death. Aimee Koch spoke about her brother-in-law in the present and laughed briefly about a funny memory before she caught herself.
Grateful for the support of the Mendon and Honeoye Falls communities. In less than a day, more than 500 people donated to a GoFundMe page they created. His initial goal was $ 20,000, but exceeded $ 50,000 on Friday afternoon.

She said losing it was unbearable.

“He was just loving and good. He was forgiving and kind,” she said. “He was my younger brother too. And he is irreplaceable.”

Koch leaves behind a wife and four children. A GoFundMe has been established to help his family. To contribute, Click Here

Christian Koch Dead

Koch, 39, died Wednesday along with two other New York Army National Guard soldiers when their UH-60 medical evacuation helicopter crashed while on a routine training mission just after 6:30 p.m.

54-year-old Chief Executive Officer Steven Skoda also died in the crash. He was a 35-year veteran in the Army and New York National Guard. He served six years in Afghanistan and received numerous awards throughout his career, including the Merit Service Medal, Army Commendation Medal, and NATO Medal.

30-year-old Chief Executive Officer Daniel Prial also died in the accident. He served in Afghanistan and also received numerous awards such as Air Medal, Army Commendation Medal, Army Merit Medal, National Defense Service Medal, NATO Medal, Global War Service Medal against Terrorism, Afghan Campaign Medal. Army Aviator Badge