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Christian Secor
Christian Secor

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FBI spokesperson Laura Eimiller said federal agents in Orange County detained 22-year-old Christian Secor after searching his home in Costa Mesa on Tuesday. Charged with suspicion of attacking, resisting, or blocking police officers; violent admission and restrained grounds, civil unrest and the prevention of a formal trial in a complaint filed later the same day in the District of Columbia federal court. Judge Judge Zia Faruqui ordered the defendant’s arrest on bail.

An FBI arrest statement said students at UCLA have identified Secor as the founder of America First Bruins, a conservative campus organization. Other reporters gave Secor photographs of Secor attending a political rally in Huntington Beach and, according to a complaint against him, said that he was a self-defining fascist calling on America to be a “whites-only” nation on social media posts. .

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He is 22 year old.

Christian Secor Arrest & Charge

Authorities identified one of the protesters, allegedly forced into the US Capitol during a deadly riot on January 6, as a UCLA student from Costa Mesa, who founded a conservative campus organization; He arrested on Tuesday, February 16th.

Footage and footage recorded during the uprising at the Capitol demonstration Secor, wearing a red hat with the slogan “Make America Great Again,” blocked a series of double doors to the building, forcing at least three police officers to pass. statement supporting his arrest. He was also seen on the floor of the Senate sitting in the chair of the Presidential Officer of the congressional chamber, carrying a blue flag with the words America First in white.

“The Jews will not change us!” and according to court documents, he wrote “nationalism everywhere” on his Twitter account @ fullautonat in his posts in an article dated April 1, 2020. Secor is known to be nicknamed “Scuffed Elliot Rodger”.

The FBI interviewed five informants, then detained Secor for three days starting January 25. When investigators were able to match his statement with the man seen in footage recorded during the January 6 uprising, he was detained.

Whether Secor was represented by a lawyer who could comment on the allegations against him was immediately unknown.

He is the second Orange County resident ever arrested in connection with the violent riot in Washington D.C. In Southern California, four other defendants are from Los Angeles County, one from Victorville, one from Beaumont, and one from Coronado. As many as 192 people were arrested across the country in connection with the uprising in the 2020 election caused by allegations of false voter fraud.

Secor’s arrest on Tuesday came as no surprise to UCLA students who documented and criticized his role as head of America First Bruins on campus, and urged the university to address what they saw in the past as hate speech and attacks on other students.

Secor, a former member of the Bruin Republicans, the campus’s pro-GOP student club, founded America First Bruins a few years ago, according to several UCLA’s, and is well known for using its platform on campus to deliver hateful, racist, and xenophobic comments. Students familiar with Secor.

Aidan Arasasingham, president of the UC Student Association, said the discussions about Secor’s controversial language reached a fever pitch in April, following disturbing tweets and comments directed at immigrant, undocumented and international students, as well as LGBTQ students and Jewish students.

Comments and Secor’s group sparked a discussion on campus about freedom of expression and hate speech. Arasasingham, a senior and global research division, said that many students petitioned university administrators to annul the club’s charter, an action official refused to do so on First Amendment rights grounds.

“We knew these were warning signs of extremism, violence, and hatred,” said Arasasingham. “So why didn’t our university and the authorities intervene before it was too late, before a UCLA student became vice president after provoking a violent crowd.”

Matthew Richard, a political science student who was against fascist groups on campus during his time at the university, said he hoped Secor’s arrest would mean an end to the damage it did to other members of the campus.

Grayson Peters, a senior studying political science and French, said Secor’s arrest was inevitable. Peters wrote an article criticizing Secor’s anti-Jewish views on the campus Jewish news broadcast in April.

“It is a very surreal feeling that the people you cross campus with or you can be with in the classroom may be people who think you do not belong to this country or wish you die,” Peters said. Jewish.

Peters, who is currently enrolled in a class with Secor, also wished campus officials would step in earlier to address Secor’s comments and influence.

“Even if it’s just a tweet, it’s just ranting, even if it’s just in the context of compelling discussion, there is violence in these words – it was pretty clear where this was going,” he said.

UCLA executives were not immediately available to comment on Tuesday evening.

The arrest statement said Secor was “widely recognized through its partnership with America First Bruins and” Bruins Republicans “.

Bruin Republicans made a statement: “Someone who has been expelled from our organization since last year has been arrested in connection with the Capitol Hill protests. We learned about his inappropriate behavior and banned him a long time ago. We expect the media to lie and slander us, but this is nothing new. “