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Christine Fang
Christine Fang

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According to the newspaper’s report, Fang Fang, also known as Christine Fang, was heavily involved in the Bay Area and national US politics from 2011 to 2015.

It turns out that a suspected Chinese Intelligence Agency official has developed important ties with California lawmakers as part of a political operation led by China’s Ministry of State Security.

A special report detailing the alleged work of the Chinese national Fang Fang or Christine Fang was published by Axios.

Fang reportedly targeted emerging politicians, including a US congressman, in California’s Bay Area from 2011 to 2015.

Christine Fang Career

xios reported that he was serving as president of both the Chinese Student Association and the Asia Pacific Islander American Public Affairs (APAPA).

Fang was reported to have initially used these positions to step inside the door with local political circles. It would invite MPs, political leaders and Chinese consular officials to a number of important events it hosted.

With a combination of fundraising, charisma, and romantic relationships, Fang has managed to place himself among Bay Area politicians.

Sources told Axios that most of Fang’s alleged operations were done in the guise of APAPA, a group that supports civil affairs for Asia Pacific Islanders until it emerged as a mainstay in Bay Area politics.

Sources told Axios that some of Fang’s first known political connections in the United States were former Fremont Mayor Bill Harrison, Representatives Judy Chu and Swalwell.

In fact, a swipe on Fang’s Facebook page showed that Swalwell was friends with his father and brother.

Their relationship began when Swalwell was a councilor for Dublin City, California, and the earliest known interactions were facilitated through the Chinese Student Association.

Swalwell would later become a Member of Congress in 2012.

Fang portrayed himself as’ the connector between the Asian-American community and members of Congress.

A source told Axios that during Swalwell’s 2014 Congressional reelection campaign, Fang served as a ‘packer’, meaning he persuaded others to donate to campaign operations.

An ideal location for an intelligence officer to hold onto, thinking it might strengthen ties with the campaign officer.

During this time, Fang was reportedly facilitating potential trainee duties for Swawell’s offices, including someone who was in Washington D.C.

But around 2015, a counterintelligence investigation was so annoyed by Fang’s behavior that they warned Swalwell with a defensive briefing from the FBI.

A current intelligence officer told Axios that any contact with Congressman Fang immediately ceased. He was not accused of any wrongdoing.

Christine Fang Suspected Chinese Spy

Axios reported that Swalwell was not accused of wrongdoing, and a current US intelligence official said that Swalwell cut ties with Fang as soon as he learned of his concerns about his links to China.

A representative of Gabbard told Axios that Gabbard “did not remember meeting or talking to Fang.”

Axios said Fang suddenly left the US and did not return to the US during an investigation into the FBI’s activities in mid-2015. The Justice Department did not file any charges against him.

Fang’s story illustrates China’s strategy of targeting up-and-coming politicians to impress them for years as they gain more importance.

Axios said he spoke with four current and former US intelligence officials about the case, as well as 22 current and former elected officials, political officials, and former students who knew Fang.

Here is a summary of the exit report:

Friends and acquaintances, Fang was in his late 20s or early 30s when he arrived in the US, and enrolled at California State University East Bay in 2011.
Fang served as head of school groups to develop relationships with politicians.
According to the report, Fang “soon became a mainstay in Bay Area political events,” volunteered in campaigns and helped raise funds for Democratic politicians such as Swalwell and Gabbard.
Fang began to get closer to Swalwell while he was a councilor in Dublin City, California. He established close ties with his office, helped bring in big donors, and even placed an intern at his office in Washington DC.
According to sources, Axios expanded its network nationally by attending conferences for Fang mayors.
A US intelligence official and a former elected official said Fang had sexual or romantic relationships with at least two mayors of Midwest cities, but Axios did not designate either mayor.
Former Cupertino Mayor Gilbert Wong told Axios that one of the mayors was an old man “from an uncertain city” and referred to Fang as his “girlfriend”.
A sexual encounter involving Fang and the mayor of Ohio was also caught under FBI custody, a US official told Axios.
A current counterintelligence official said Fang came on the radar of US counterintelligence officials while investigating another person suspected of being a Chinese spy.
An official said that Fang was placed in FBI custody, and in 2015, top US intelligence officials began to inform politicians that Fang began to approach.
In mid-2015, Fang abruptly left the US and returned to China, surprising many of his political connections in the Gulf Region. Since then he hasn’t returned.
US officials do not believe that Fang has received or passed on confidential information. But already, a senior US intelligence official said the case was still big because “some really sensitive people were caught in the intelligence network.”
Axios’ report was released on Tuesday, the day after President Donald Trump retweeted a Tucker Carlson report with a video from a Beijing professor saying “There are people at the top of America’s core power and influence circle.”

Last week, Trump’s chief spy, National Intelligence Director John Ratcliffe, said in a column in the Wall Street Journal that China is “the biggest threat to America today.”

“This year, China launched a massive influence campaign targeting several dozen Congressmen and congressional aides,” Ratcliffe wrote.

Bill Evanina, director of the US National Counterintelligence and Security Center, said last week that China had already targeted Joe Biden and his team, who was already elected President.