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Christopher Angulo
Christopher Angulo

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New Jersey reported that Lavallette’s 45-year-old Christopher Angulo embarked on the Pier to Skyscraper on Monday morning. Angulo told the station that he went on a journey by overcoming the dispute with the local police.

Christopher Angulo Age

He is 45 years old.

Christopher Angulo Arrested

A man climbed to the top of a 17-story tower at Casino Pier in Seaside Heights on Monday. Christopher Angulo, 45, from Lavallette, from Asbury Park Press, was arrested after safely closing. Angulo was protesting the “unfair charges” brought to him by the local police.

Angulo raised a flag after climbing to the top of the Skyscraper journey. He was arrested shortly after 10 in the morning and charged with punishment.

Christopher Angulo Previous case

Angulo made headlines in January 2013 to climb the Jet Star roller coaster while sitting in the Atlantic after Sandy wrecked the pier.

Angulo was arrested in January 2013 after sitting on the water at Seaside Heights, scaling the coaster and placing an American flag on top, while pulling a canoe on Jet Star. He then described his actions as “patriotic action”. After he fell down, he was accused of filing a criminal complaint. The court case was postponed after it was received for psychiatric counseling. Angulo told Asbury Park Press that he was accused of being sexually assaulted in the mid-1990s and was incorrectly arrested after encountering the police in 2005. The report stated that the two events had a ripple effect and added difficulties to their relationship with their three children.

In March, Angulo was arrested during a dispute with the authorities at a Lavallette County Council meeting. Police patrol Thomas Harrington arrested him and accused him of disturbing a public meeting, with irregular behavior, and increased the attack on a law enforcement agency.

According to the police report, Angulo started shouting and started talking on the council while doing business before the public comment. In the report, he said that Angulo told a live video on Facebook. What he shouted or said was not disclosed and the videos on Angulo’s Facebook page were publicly hidden. It was not immediately clear whether the council meeting dispute was the problem that led Angulo to climb the skyscraper.

Angulo is also the man who attempted to make a peace sign to a giant ice disk on the Maine river in 2019 and apparently fascinated observers around the world. Read more: Climb JetStar After NJ Man Sandy; Famous Ice Disc Broken The March 2 incident at the Lavallette County Council meeting was one of the many incidents with the police.