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Claira Janover
Claira Janover

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Claira Janover, who graduated with a diploma in government and psychology in May, went viral after publishing a short clip that attacked everyone who gave the right to the Caucasus to say “all life matter”.

Claira Janover criticized the slogan in a satirical video on social media.

She said it was the equivalent of a paper cut compared to a knife wound for black people.

Claira Janover Video

Janover took TikTok to the video sharing platform to condemn people with ‘caucasity’ to use the controversial slogan that is thought to move away from the suffering of black communities.

‘Caucasus’ is a slang term used to describe the act of doing something with ‘arrogance of white privilege’.

Claira Janover Tiktok

Janover, who has 113,000 followers at TikTok, can say in the clip: ‘The next person with a pure nerve deserves the Caucasus to say’ All Lives Matter ‘, stabbing imma.

“ I stabbed you and when I fight and bleed, I show you the paper cut and I say ‘my cut is also important’. ‘

Claira Janover Education & Work

According to Janover’s LinkedIn page, he is a graduate of Harvard University State and Psychology.

He also stated that he worked as a business analyst for the accounting company Deloitte and volunteered for the Connecticut Democrats.



Her comments sparked backlash online, with some taking issue with the way in which Janover had expressed her view.

‘Harvard senior Claira Janover threatens to stab anyone who says “all lives matter.” Will liberal colleges and universities ever teach students that speech ≠ violence?’ one person said.

Another Twitter user wrote: ‘Is there something in the water that these crazy liberals drink? This Harvard Leftist threatened to stab anyone on campus who says ‘all lives matter?”

Others praised Janover for taking a stance against racism and pointed out that her video was intended as ‘satire’.