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Cole James Bridges
Cole James Bridges

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Cole James Bridges, who is in Fort Stewart, is accused of providing financial support to ISIS and attempting to murder US service members.

Federal officials said on Tuesday that a US soldier is facing charges of contacting someone he thinks is a member of IS to plan attacks on New York City landmarks, including the 9/11 Memorial in Manhattan, and to provide tactical military advice to terrorists.

Cole James Bridges, 20, from Stow, Ohio, is accused of a terrorist financing attempt and attempted murder of US soldiers. He allegedly participated in these efforts from August 2020 to this month.

Cole James Bridges Age

He is 20 years old.

Cole James Bridges Career

Bridges joined the US Army in 2019 and was appointed as a cavalry scout in the 3rd Infantry Division located in Fort Stewart, Georgia. From the outset of his service, according to court records, Bridges began researching and consuming online propaganda supporting jihadists and their violent ideologies. He has been accused of supporting ISIS and allegedly began collaborating with an undercover FBI last October.

“During these communications, Bridges expressed his disappointment with the US military and his desire to help IS,” court records said.

Cole James Bridges Background

Bridges allegedly provided training and guidance to supposedly IS fighters planning an attack, including advice on potential targets in New York City, such as the 9/11 Memorial. According to the criminal complaint, the US Army provided secret parts of the training manual and guidance on military warfare tactics for use by IS.

Earlier this month, Bridges gave a video on the secret mission standing in front of a flag often used by IS fighters in body armor, making a symbolic gesture in support of IS. Federal prosecutors said he sent a second video a week later, using a voice manipulator, describing the IS propaganda speech.

In the criminal complaint, Bridges was allegedly radicalized by online videos and offered to provide IS fighters with Army training materials and tactics to facilitate efforts to repel US Special Forces and kill American soldiers.

Bridges allegedly began researching and consuming online propaganda supporting jihadists and their ideologies in September 2019; The complaint claimed that he supported ISIS and jihad on social media at the time.

It wasn’t until October of last year that Bridges began communicating with the FBI secret agent, whom he thought was affiliated with IS. During these communications using an encrypted messaging application, he allegedly expressed his disappointment with the US military and his desire to help ISIS take out American troops. In his criminal complaint, he claims he continues to advise “so-called ISIS fighters” who are planning the attacks, including those related to potential targets in New York City. It allegedly offered some parts of the US Army training manual and guidance on military tactics.

On October 16, 2020, Bridges is accused of sending a warning to his alleged IS fighter about planning any operation. According to the complaint, this message was partly “They need to be extremely careful and not discuss the plans over the phone or by text messages. Unfortunately I cannot participate. But all I can do is advice [stet] and training techniques … your brother.
feel free to contact me anytime. ”

When asked about the most effective way to carry out an attack later that month, Bridges allegedly replied, “Striking the enemy’s heart and delivering a statement and a clear message to the leaders.”

After the exchange, Bridges offered to come to New York to meet with the ISIS fighter he thought he was in contact with. At this point, officials say the meeting is geared towards potential targets in New York City.

In mid-November, the undercover agent sent Bridges photos of the New York City area and surrounding federal, local, and foreign government buildings. “Everything is so tightly guarded that I don’t know it’s even possible to have an operation in NYC,” said this agent.

Bridges allegedly advised the agent to “choose your goals wisely” and questioned these other potential targets. It was not immediately clear which government buildings were the subject of the next meeting, but Bridges allegedly said “there was not enough firepower” for them. In the criminal complaint, it was when the 9/11 Monument topic was brought up.

In December, Bridges allegedly began to instruct the “ISIS” agent on how IS fighters could attack US forces in the Middle East. Among other efforts, he has been accused of plotting specific military maneuvers and commenting on satellite images to help these fighters maximize the lethality of any attack on US troops. ISIS’s position and weapons were also discussed.

Cole James Bridges Arrested

According to the complaint, Bridges gave advice on the best way to strengthen an IS camp against a US attack. According to the criminal complaint, he went so far as to present a video of him standing in front of an IS flag in body armor this month, and in this clip he gave a symbolic gesture of support to IS.

Federal officials claim that on January 12, Bridges sent a second video, at the request of the secret agent, using a voice manipulator, giving a propaganda speech in support of an expected ISIS attack on US troops.

According to the complaint, searches for keywords such as “soldier shooting” and “ugly jihadist” found on his computer with the arrest warrant date back to December 25, 2019. He allegedly updated his Facebook profile and background to reflect his views last August. Images of the changes are included in the complaint (see below).

Bridges faces up to 20 years in prison for each funding attempt and an attempt to murder members of the US military counts. Authorities said the suspect is expected to appear in federal court in Georgia on Thursday.

Attempts to reach out to a possible lawyer for bridges failed early Tuesday afternoon.

Manhattan US Attorney General Audrey Strauss accused Bridges of revealing his oath to defend the United States by trying to provide IS with tactical advice to ambush and kill his fellow soldiers.

“Our troops risk their lives for our country, but they should never face such a danger in the hands of one of their own,” Strauss said. “Today, thanks to the efforts of JTTF’s agents and detectives and our partners, the Department of Defense faces federal terrorism charges in Bridges custody and for alleged crimes.”

FBI Deputy Director William Sweeney Jr. He called Bridges for alleged betrayal and said that he “helped ISIS kill US soldiers in the Middle East and conspired with someone he believed to be a sympathizer of IS.”

“Fortunately, the person he communicated with was an FBI employee, and we were able to stop his bad desires from coming to fruition,” Sweeney’s statement continued. “Bridges could have chosen a life of dignity, but instead traded it with the prospect of a lengthy prison sentence. This case should be a reminder that the FBI’s New York JTTF will never give up its commitment to protect our nation from anyone trying to harm.”