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Collin Kartchner
Collin Kartchner

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Collin Kartchner, the founder of the Utah-based activist group Save the Kids, passed away on October 20 at the age of 40. Kartchner’s spouse, Elizabeth, confirmed her death in a post on Instagram, saying the cause of death is still unknown at this time. He wrote: “My whole world is gone. There is no God. We have never suffered so much. He passed away peacefully unexpectedly, due to natural causes in his beautiful body that we do not know yet.”


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He lives on… in these beautiful children. He lives on in my heart! 🤍 His love, fire and light are running through every part of their soul! To my sweet babies, he made you, he’s in you. He lives onnnn 😭😭 Holding my kids wrapped in the softest blankets telling them this. Touching their faces, he’s right here. 😭 Is it even true???? Or is it just mind-fluff shit I conjure up to help me feel better… trying so hard to numb their pain even for just one second. Then they say, but I want him here If he made an impression on your life, inspired you to change your direction to a clearer course even if it was hard, if he made you laugh, touched your heart Help him live on in you 🤍🤍🤍🤍

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His wife also included in his biography a link to a GoFundMe page set up to help the family with funeral expenses. On the page, the organizer wrote in an update from a person named Michelle on Save the Kids: “Collin was an entrepreneur … and she went 100% to make a living for her family (her whole world) … She worked hard to save the children (and their parents). … He was too busy to think about life insurance with Snapchat (devil) and TikTok (big and wide building). ”

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A Save the Kids spokesperson told Salt Lake Tribune that Kartchner was born on July 29, 1980 in Arizona. The spokesman said that his family moved from Arizona to Utah while in high school and that his future wife Elizabeth was actually his high school sweetheart. An old article by Kartchner on Elizabeth’s blog states that they met in their second year.

He wrote, “I was on common ground with my friends. … Suddenly, the door opened and this dead gorgeous first grader came in. She had huge bangs, a BIG smile that looked like Chicklets, and lumpy knees that sent shivers from my head all the way to my Doc Marten sandals. “The couple got married in 2002, according to a post on their blog about their 8-year wedding anniversary.

Kartchner attended Brigham Young University after high school, according to Utah Valley Magazine, which put Kartchner on the “40 Under 40” list in 2018. In his interview, he said that he had a physiology department, but “he didn’t have college grades. that’s great because I was working full time while going to school. “He said his advice he advised to give to others is that you don’t have to hit the lottery before you become a” Philanthropist “or” activist. Make it a part of your life forever. ”



Until three years ago, Salt Lake Tribune used its Instagram account to post funny videos and satirical content, but in January 2018, after a young girl died of a drug overdose, her life took a turn. Teenage girl Whitney was the daughter of a former colleague of Kartchner’s wife, and Whitney’s mother said that her drug use was due to the social media bullying she endured as a young girl.

Kartchner shared the story on his account, and according to his output, “I don’t even know what to say, other than that, it’s an ideal that is much, much, much, much bigger than I imagined, and we have something to do. He raised money to hang billboards around Utah with messages such as “You are beautiful” and “You are loved” and the Save the Children campaign was born. The website says:
Kartchner gave a TED talk in Salt Lake City in September 2018 about screen and social media addiction and how it affects children. As news of Kartchner’s death spread online, Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes was quoted as saying, “I was devastated. Collin was a great partner and warrior in the struggle to protect our children and youth. His energy, enthusiasm and incredible ability to positively influence young minds will be enormously missed. Our deepest sympathy goes to his family. “