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Corey Deering
Corey Deering

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Corey Deering is accused of first-degree murder, with the shooting murder of Stacey Jones, 35, on October 13, 2020, and the death of her son, who was later born after Jones was shot dead four days later.

Corey Deering Age

He is 39 years old.

Corey Deering Arrest & Charge

Prosecutors said on Friday that a pregnant Cook County probation officer destroyed her married ex-boyfriend’s home at midnight, then shot him in the back after going out for investigation.

Corey Deering, 39, was held without bail after the murder of Stacey Jones and the death of their baby boy who was born after the shooting but only lived four days. He was charged with one first degree murder for each death.
CPD’s detective chief Brendan Deenihan said that after Jones’ death, police learned that Deering was the father of the boy, abandoned his relationship with him and threatened him in the past.

“The victim told some of his friends that he had told some of his friends that the father could never survive his pregnancy,” Deenihan told reporters at a press conference at the police station on Friday morning.

Cook County Deputy State Attorney James Murphy, a 15-year employee of the Chicago Park District, met Jones when Deering was coaching his older kids in football.

Murphy told Judge Arthur Wesley Willis that the surveillance video recorded the footage, and while the shooter’s face was unclear, he was wearing the same distinctive sweatshirt Deering wore in a video recorded just hours before shooting. Committed to keeping Deering unpaid.

Prosecutors said another woman, who was pregnant by Deering, apparently did not know her intentions, took her to the place where she was shot. Murphy told the police that he got out of the car, walked down the block, heard gunshots, and breathed back into the car to breathe.

Stacey Jones
Stacey Jones

According to Murphy, this woman also knew Deering for coaching her children in football.

Deering’s lawyer, Andre Grant, said he was a pillar of the community, had been married for 11 years, and was deeply involved in half a dozen mentoring programs and community organizations.

Grant predicted that the driver was more likely to be guilty that night.

“Perhaps he has the biggest reason to kill the person they perceive to be a rival,” he said.

Deering was interrogated by the police and was first arrested on October 13 the day Jones was shot, “due to some inconsistencies in his original interview,” Deenihan said. However, Deering was released two days later, as the police did not have sufficient evidence to secure the charges.

Deenihan said that with the use of technology, the police were able to find a driver who took Deering to and from the scene. “The detectives were then able to interview this person and found out that this person had no knowledge of what the perpetrator was doing until a few days after the incident,” Deenihan said.

He said the person’s statements were supported by investigators and video evidence, and that the person was not charged in the case. Deering was arrested again on Wednesday and charged on Thursday.

Jones was shot right in front of his house. His father, Tommy Baker, said Jones had a secret carry document and a gun in his pocket when he was shot. He had no chance of using it because “the coward shot him from behind,” he said.

Before the man’s arrest, his parents said they knew there was something different about Jones’ recent love interest. First, the father said that the baby never disclosed the father’s name. In fact, her relatives said that apart from telling their loved ones that she would have another baby, she did not appear to have an affair.

“He never said his name,” Baker said. “This was unusual.”

A source familiar with the case said Deering was working as a youth soccer coach and he may have met Jones while coaching an older child.