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Who is Dale Coonrod (Viral Twitter Video)? Wiki, Age, Bio, Family, Net Worth, Many More Facts You Need To Know

Dale Coonrod Wiki

Dale Coonrod is identified as the husband of Dallas city assistant attorney Mickey Rayford-Coonrod. In December 2019, Dale was accused of calling a woman a “whore” during an incident at a dog park in Dallas.

“Chanise” Viral Twitter Post and Video

This man just assaulted me at the White Rock Lake dog park in Dallas, TX. He hit me twice, grabbed me by the neck and called me “whore whore” repeatedly. His name is Dale Coonrod. His wife’s name is Mickey Rayford-Coonrod and she is the assistant attorney for the city of Dallas.

Dale Coonrod Wife & Children

Dale and Mickey Rayford-Coonrod were married in Dallas in April 2016.

Mickey gave birth to the couple’s first child in July 2018.

Dale Coonrod Education

He is a 2004 graduate of Baylor University. In 2004, Dale was one of seven students selected to go on a marketing and management course in Hong Kong.


Dale Coonrod Linkedin, Facebook

Since the publication of this article, Mickey Rayford-Coonrod has deleted her Facebook page. While Dale has deleted his LinkedIn page. Dale works as a loan officer at Marquette Business Credit.

Dale Coonrod Video

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