Dallas Tornado Damages (Update), See Photos & Locations of Reported Damage

Dallas Tornado Damages (Update), See Photos & Locations of Reported Damage

Dallas Tornado Damages (Update)

A Dallas tornado landed on Sunday night in Dallas after it was first reported in the Love Field area and moved east, leaving great damage and debris in its wake.

Neighborhoods around Love Field were especially affected. Until 11 pm no injuries were confirmed.

The Tornado Warnings expired at 10 pm, but several severe storms still moved through Dallas County as well as Collin, Hunt, and Kaufman counties.

According to their Facebook page, Dallas ISD staff are investigating and evaluating the damage that storms may have caused. Later, it will be determined if classes will be canceled at certain schools located in the affected areas. Information about possible cancellations will be disclosed on its website and social networks.

The damage, estimated to be extended 17 miles long, left more than 95,000 people without power. While no serious injuries have been reported, first responders went door to door in some neighborhoods to control residents.

Videos uploaded to social networks revealed the size and impact of the tornado, including a video that shows a large funnel cloud over the city. Other images and photos showed numerous collapses and damage to the houses.

Tree and roof debris remained in the streets after tornado winds brought down light poles and power lines. Dallas fire crews responded to structural collapse in northwest Dallas, as well as calls from people injured by broken glass in their homes. According to reports, a Home Depot was hit directly, with the roof collapsing and water exploding from the pipes that were torn from the walls.

The city of Dallas issued a press release today announcing that it was assessing the damage and confirmed that no deaths or serious injuries were reported. The city also confirmed reports of suspected gas leaks.