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Dane Pfeiffer
Dane Pfeiffer

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According to the New York Post, state police Dane Pfeiffer met 35-year-old Cara Kennedy Cuomo because she was serving as one of her father’s bodyguards. The duo reportedly began dating about seven months before Cara moved to the executive mansion in Albany. Sources claimed that shortly afterward, Cuomo’s daughter found out about her daughter’s relationship with Dane.

Dane Pfeiffer Relationship & Police Report

According to a report, a New York state policeman assigned to Governor Andrew Cuomo’s security team was transferred to a state police station in Plattsburgh, 160 miles from the Canadian border, where he dated one of his daughters, Cara Kennedy, Cuomo. .
Dane’s relationship with Cara led to Cuomo’s removal from his protective detail due to his “dignity protection protocol”, according to a law enforcement source. A state police spokesperson announced that on May 24, Dane himself requested a “voluntary transfer” to the B Union in northeast New York. According to records, Dane started his career there after graduating from the State Police Academy in 2015.

An insider said, “She was transported to keep her away from her daughter because the governor didn’t like everything they did.” However, this move did not stop the couple from seeing each other, and Dane routinely returns to the executive mansion to pick up Cara for dates, which Cuomo makes the report even more upsetting.

Sources said Dane was not involved in any abuse, and his transfer to a state police station in Plattsburgh was not recorded as an official discipline. Plattsburgh is located about 160 miles north of the Capitol and about 25 miles south of the Canadian border.
According to records, Dane bought a house in Saratoga Springs near Albany in 2018, and the change to work is said to be an unofficial punishment that police call ‘highway treatment’. The source said Cuomo “is limited on how much he can deal with it, so highway therapy is one of his few options.”

State police spokesman William ‘Beau’ Duffy alleged that Dane requested a transfer back to the B Union “to gain more field experience to advance his career advancement path to the rank of sergeant”. “Such requests are routine and accepted.”
Cuomo spokesperson Rich Azzopardi explained that “the governor has nothing to do with the transfer – it was requested by the soldier”.

Social media users did not necessarily agree with the transmission, but seemed to understand the emotions behind it. One user wrote: “I would love too. Public Officer security members who are personally involved create a dangerous environment for everyone. Affectionate care can distract them and put significant mistakes at risk, potentially safety and lives. I would like my security team to focus on their work. . ”

Another said, “I would assume that there are rules about security guards attacking the customer’s daughter …” Again, another, “It wouldn’t be an ethical violation for the governor to ask someone to be removed from the security detail.”