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Daniel Chalmers
Daniel Chalmers

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Daniel Chalmers was identified as a North Carolina pastor caught urinating on a plane passenger on Tuesday in October. Chalmers, 46, was arrested by Wayne Metro Airport police after his Delta plane landed at Detroit Metro Airport on October 12, and the police report of the arrest was forwarded to the Winston-Salem Journal on Tuesday.
Daniel Chalmers is a North Carolina Pastor Accused of Peeing on Identified Passenger Plane. Daniel Chalmers was caught urinating on a plane passenger.
Chalmers, the founder of his ministry, Love Wins Ministry in Raleigh, and according to his biography, Catch the Fire also appears in Raleigh-Durham’s cast. NC Beat also received a copy of the corrected police report and reported that Chalmers had received an offer for a simple assault and was released from custody. The court date has not been determined yet.

Chalmers is married to the co-founder of Love Wins Ministries. According to her spouse background, the couple has two daughters and lives in Raleigh, North Carolina. Chalmers has not issued a press release regarding the incident since he was identified.

Daniel Chalmers Family & Career

According to his biography on Love Wins Ministries, Halmers has an acting background. His biography states: “After years of serving at the Church of the Son, loving children with fatherless and special needs, passing people through a process of inner healing and liberation, and preaching the gospel in the streets, God sent Danny to the Supernatural Ministry. ”

The Ministry of Love Wins, led by Chalmers and his wife, is described on its website as “a mobile ministry for over 15 years in over 35 countries. The site states that they produce movies to help poor and at-risk children around the world and provide resources and coaching to help others. There are a number of inspirational and motivational videos posted on their website.

Daniel Chalmers Incident

After the incident occurred, Delta passenger Alicia Beverly stepped forward to share what happened. Fox 2 told Detroit that he was on a red-eye flight from Las Vegas to Detroit when they woke him up. “I jump up and see their private spaces outside and I scream and it woke everyone up,” Beverly said to the exit. “At that point I looked at her and saw her shaking and thought, this man pissed on me! I looked and there was a urine pool in the seats. ”

Beverly’s statement about what happened is also featured in the police report shared by NC Beat on the incident. The report shows that an off-duty police officer on the plane noticed Chalmers at 2:44 a.m. as he got up from the pastor’s seat and walked to the back of the plane in socks. The off-duty officer reported that a few seconds later he heard a woman scream from the back of the plane and when he looked back he saw Chalmers standing over Beverly.

The officer responded to the incident and asked for Chalmers’ identity, who refused the request and said “I didn’t do it” to the off-duty police officer. The officer asked him what he was not doing, the report continues, and as Chalmers replied: “Whatever you blame me, I didn’t do it.” Chalmers also told the officer, “I’m a pastor and this is out of my character and I didn’t do it.”

According to the police report, Chalmers told the police that he did not drink, but the off-duty officer said he could smell alcohol, and Chalmers’ eyes looked like bloodshot. NC Beat told officers during the follow-up investigation after the plane landing that he had a few drinks and drugs.

According to the police report shared by NC Beat, Beverly was moved to another seat for the remainder of the flight. However, as she told Fox 2, she had to sit in her soaked clothes for the remainder of the flight and said she was worried about the incident: “I quit yesterday because I couldn’t stay, but I had to tell her. Why I had to go was too much. My anxiety was literally really loud. Since then I only slept four hours. ”