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Daniel Osman, 17-year veteran of the Denver Police Department, denied his intention to have a romantic relationship with the young girl, but a disciplinary letter received by Problem Solvers cast doubt on the version of the events.

A police officer who has served for 17 years in the Denver Police Department police is in danger of being suspended soon for the behavior directed against a 17-year-old girl. According to a letter received by the Public Security Department from KDVR-TV, Daniel Osman, who is in his fifties, will stay away from the rhythm in two 5-day blocks covering the dates 18 April – 22 April and 2 May – 6 May. He is said to have engaged in “inappropriate” behavior that “hurt” the police department.

Daniel Osman Conduct with 17-Year-Old

Investigators said that the behavior started after Osman responded to the alleged theft at Ünlü Ayakkabı shoe store. The girl worked there as a sales representative. The officer allegedly looked at his Facebook page and told him, “This is the perfect girl for me.”

Osman allegedly brought his daughter to lunch at the Chipotle location on 1 July after unsuccessfully asking him to go to dinner. At the next lunch, Osman told the young man that he was divorcing his wife. The young man said he seemed to have directed another comment to him: he said he preferred “brown-eyed, brown-haired Latinos.”

According to the researchers, a Celebrity Shoe store manager found Osman’s interest in the 17-year-old girl to be alarming enough to report to another police officer. He described a situation in which Osman said that he and the girl got to know each other and then “could improve something later”.

The report shows that Osman believes the girl is 20 years old for a while. The report suggests that he may have clearly joked that the girl was 20 years old. However, Osman admitted that he tried to suggest that the girl was 17 to the Celebrity Shoe store manager and that the manager corrected her by informing her that she was 17.

Osman denied any guilt, but admitted that it seemed bad for him to allegedly interact with a 17-year-old girl. According to the VATR’s definition of the Public Security Department documents, Osman said that other officials in his district mocked him by calling him “rapist” and “pedophile”.

Daniel Osman Suspended

No accusations were made against Osman. To be clear, there is no evidence of any physical contact between Osman and the teenager in the available reports.

In Colorado, the age of consent is 17, “the actor is at least ten years older than the victim and not the victim’s spouse.” Other laws prohibit “sexual assault or sexual penetration” where a perpetrator “causes the victim to surrender through sufficient result reasonably calculated to cause the victim’s obedience against their will”.

The officer said he did not try to meet the girl again after lunch at Chipotle. The texts between the two seemed to have stopped on July 3.

According to the disciplinary letter received by the VATR, Osman knew the subject he was interested in: “At the age of 17, he continued to be busy with text messages, continued to bring coffee or energy drinks to the shop, and finally took him to lunch. The excessive sharing of personal life with a young woman of one’s own daughter’s age is inappropriate at best and at worst evidence of an attempt to pursue more than a work-based friendship. ”

In the end, the authorities saw that Osman was “biased” towards the apartment, which required a 10-day suspension.


Osman later told the interior inspectors that he thought he was 17 years old actually was 20, but he was clearly joking about the girl’s internal affairs and knew that Osman was 17. It was corrected by the store manager who said he was 20 years old and said, “I should know, I got him.

This interaction took place before the July 1 lunch at Chipotle.

Although Osman admitted that he had offered to take him to dinner after lunch, he denied trying to meet the 17-year-old boy again after lunch. According to Osman’s phone records, it turned out that the text messages between the two stopped on July 3.

However, in his disciplinary letter, Osman states that even after meeting the girl, “at the age of 17, he continues to give text messages, continues to bring coffee or energy drinks to the store, and finally takes him to lunch. The excessive sharing of personal life with a young woman of one’s own daughter’s age is inappropriate at best and at worst evidence of an attempt to pursue more than a work-based friendship. ”

Osman was found to have committed “Biased Behavior” to the police and was ordered to serve a 10-day suspension in two blocks of 5 days. The first block will serve between April 18 and April 22. The second block will serve between May 2 and May 6.

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