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Daniel Perry

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Daniel Perry said he was the driver who left Garrett Foster dead on Saturday night, July 25, during a protest in Austin, Texas. In an email to KXAN, Perry’s lawyer identified him. Perry was an active mission in the army and was working as a rideshare driver on the shooting night. Perry was detained at the scene and later released. Perry said he didn’t know there was a protest until he went to the crowd. The police have not yet identified him or the other shooter that the police said he shot the car while driving.

Daniel Perry Background

Clint Broden from Perry’s lawyer, Broden & Mickelsen, told KXAN that Perry hit Foster for self-defense. Broden protesters represent pro-bono.

Borden said that Perry was an active post in Ordu. She said that Perry, who serves in Afghanistan, is from North Texas. The army confirmed with KXAN and Perry’s 1st Cavalry Division in Fort Hood.

Perry said he was sympathetic to Foster’s family, but asked the public: “We only ask anyone who might want to criticize Sgt. Perry’s actions trap themselves in a car as a masked stranger raises what they can do when they face a split second decision Sgt faces while raising an assault rifle. Perry that evening. ”

Driving for a Rideshare Company Before the Shooting

KXAN reported just before Saturday night filming that it was driving for a rideshow company and taking a customer to a location in the Convention center. While looking for a food delivery request or another driver, he returned to Congress from Fourth Street and didn’t know there was a protest.

When he returned, he said that he was surrounded by a group of people and that some beat his car. Perry said he thought he was acting with the AK-47 to lower Foster’s window. Perry lowered his window, but then said he raised Foster’s gun so that Perry fired his own gun.

Austin Police Statement

At a press conference on July 25, officials shot a protester from a shooting car and shot him to death. Although they did not name the protester at the press conference, family members later shared that Garrett Foster was killed. He carried an AK-47 with him (open transport is legal in Texas), but police later said he did not fire the gun.

Senior police officer Katrina Ratcliff told the press on Saturday night: “An adult male victim was injured by a firearm. The victim was moved… but soon passed away. Initial reports show that the victim carried a rifle and approached the suspect vehicle. The suspect was in the vehicle and fired at the victim. The suspect was detained and cooperating with officers … There is no longer a threat to the public and no one else is reported to have been injured. ”

Austin American-Statesman Tony Plohetski shared the next day that the authorities determined that he had not shot Foster’s gun. Two people opened fire. Someone was a driver, and someone could be a person hitting the car while moving away from the crowd.

Neighbor Statement

Witness accounts and police accounts differ in the details of what happened that night. A witness on the stage said from KUT to Mose Buchele that they saw a blue car that turned right in the middle of the street and almost hit the protesters. Some people in the crowd tried to “smack” the car to try to stop the car.

  • As we’re walking down passing 4th street, a blue car just comes swerving out into the middle of the street almost runs over a bunch of protesters… Everybody around starts, like, smacking the car trying to get him to slow down. And they stop. And some guy, he walks up and he’s like ‘Hey just don’t do that you’re going to get somebody hurt.’ And he [in car] pulls down his window and he fires three shots into the guy. From point blank. No words no nothing. And then rolls up his window and zooms off. He just fired straight into the mess of the crowd. Not away from it, but towards it.”

An additional witness to the shoot, James Sasinowski shared what he saw on Twitter. “In my Austin #BLM protest, I watched someone hit by a random white man in a luxury sedan. I was 20 feet from the fire. Was this… sober? I’m not sure I have the right words right now … The driver aggressively got into a crowd of people. The driver provoked the whole incident … The police were there in seconds, but EMS lasted forever. It was very strange … There were hundreds of protesters walking north of Congress Ave and started entering the 4th St junction … The driver is not able to see Garrett before he accelerates. Garrett was in the middle of a crowd of hundreds. He also retweeted a detailed statement about what he saw.

Police reported that the car opened at the 4th Congress of protesters, KXAN and protesters, including Foster, surrounded the car and the driver fired five shots from inside the vehicle.

In a press release shared by Perry’s lawyer, Perry said he went to the “hotspot” to await the notification of a new passenger passenger or meal order. He later returned to the Fourth Congress where he met a large crowd. He said he didn’t know there was a show until he came to the corner. He believed that Foster had taken action to lower his window and then raised his gun.

According to the press release, several witnesses said they saw Foster lifting his gun. Other witnesses at the scene said otherwise. Perry said he fired Foster using a weapon he was carrying for protection while driving strangers on his car driving program.

 Shooting  Video

The shot happened just before 10 o’clock. At the intersection of Congress Street and East 6th Street, KXAN reported. A first call said multiple patients were involved, but Austin-Travis County EMS (ATCEMS) later announced on Twitter that a person was transferred to a trauma center with life-threatening injuries. That person died later. KVUE reported that this was a Black Life Item protest.

You can see the shooting video below.

WARNING: The video below may be irritating to viewers and includes multiple gunshots and images and sounds of people fleeing from the scene and screaming.

Daniel Perry Twitter Account

The Daily Mail had Perry’s Twitter account called @KnivesfromTrigu. The Google list for his Twitter account still shows Daniel Perry’s name and shows the location as Fort Hood, where Perry is deployed.

Perry’s Twitter account does not appear to be saved in the Internet Archive. A few caches saved on Google reveal some political beliefs, along with archives in today’s Archive. First, he told Trump to a tweet that he hoped Kavanaugh would be approved.

He also looked like an anime fan who answered a tweet of Anime Fest and said, “I wish I could have gone stuck at work.” [Sic]

The Daily Mail also posted a tweet from Trump on June 19, written by Trump: “Please understand the protesters, anarchists, agitators, looters or scoundrels going to Oklahoma, you will not be treated like you in New York, Seattle or Minneapolis. It will be a very different scene! ”

“Send them to Texas, we’ll show you why we say don’t mess with Texas.” Perry said. Tweet’s archive is here.

Some additional archives from the Twitter account have been saved to the Archive.

One tweet writes that he replied to a tweet from Breaking 911: “F ***, you’re hitting that damn center of mass. 1 is a bigger target. 2 still dropping them. 3 Even if you hit them on the leg, there is a large artery that will cause the person to bleed in just a few minutes. ”

He also talked about his deployment in tweets from 2018. He shared some thoughts about the army, saying that he felt that the country continued to betray the Kurds, and named Biden the video of Biden, once shared by Trump, called Biden. ”


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