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Danielle Muscato
Danielle Muscato

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Danielle Muscato is a self-proclaimed transgender rights activist. He uses “o” pronouns in his Twitter bio. It broke out on Twitter and fired at Kroger’s manager Andy, whom he said “refused to do anything” except to talk to the person who allegedly threatened him with violence.

The mask was named Karen because she had many signs we saw alone this year that prove she is a Karen. Danielle shamed the Kroger manager earlier today on Twitter because she refused to intervene more strongly in a mask dispute that allegedly contained an attack threat against Danielle.

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Activist Danielle Muscato got a crush on Twitter after posting a photo and name of a Kroger employee on social media on August 8. He wrote on Twitter that he was at a Kroger location in Louisville when he noticed a woman not wearing a mask, and complained to the manager that he said he refused to help. He then posted his complaint online and shared the manager’s photo and name, but the result backfired.

In seven tweets that gave a whole new meaning to the term “Karen,” she stated that the manager, as well as the on-duty police officer who she claimed did not fire the client and who she claimed was nearby, did nothing.

  • “Danielle” then proceeded to try and argue people down in her mentions who pointed out that an alleged threat of assault does not require the assistance of a grocery store manager. It requires police intervention, and if the police officer who was allegedly on the scene was not being helpful, she should have called 9/11, but it seems like Danielle hates the police. At a time the Louisville police are under intense scrutiny over the Breonna Taylor shooting, maybe she’s cool with adding fuel to the fire by accusing an officer of standing by and doing nothing while a transgender customer was allegedly being harassed and threatened.

He said, “I was threatened with an attack at @kroger in Louisville because I asked another customer to wear a mask and he refused. I reported this to a manager who found and spoke with him but refused to do more. His name is Andy and he doesn’t want Twitter to know about it. ”

In subsequent posts, Muscato added that the manager did not implement the store policy for wearing masks. He said his concern was high risk, adding that he only shopped during slow hours. The grocery chain started making it mandatory to wear a mask on July 22, according to its website.

Muscato is an activist, a transgender woman, host of the RESIST podcast, a speaker, and a writer, according to the website. According to the Patreon account, “ACTIVISM IS MY TIME AND I JUST MY BUSINESS and I depend on writing, public speaking and my supporters’ income for survival!”

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Patreon lists herself as a “professional civil rights activist” in her profile and claims she needs money.

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Many took to Twitter to translate the situation regarding Muscato, saying that Andy was trying to do his job and the attempt to cancel him could cost him a living. One person said, “Danielle doesn’t seem to realize she’s an asshole in this script.” Said. Another, “Transgender rights activist Danielle Muscato wants everyone to think she’s a hero for harassing a shopper and a store manager at Kroger. She backfired.”

Blaze writer Jessica O’Donnell, “. @ Kroger deserves a hike because she deals with people like Andy, Danielle.” “One of the few positives of the pandemic is that its ‘narcotic’ mentality is exposed so often by its criminals that none of us want to be that way,” says producer and writer Greg Gutfeld.

Another said, “Those who refuse to wear masks are a complete mess, but so are blue checks using social media platforms to harass minimum wage employees. Leave Andy alone, check mark. ”


Andy, whose last name was not made public, received a lot of support on Twitter after Muscato’s post. A person known as Target Tori, who said she was embarrassed publicly as an employee in the past, started a fundraising event for Andy. “I’m collecting money to send # krogerandy in a vaca. Ok guys… let’s do it again !!!!! #PauseBeKind #kroger #andy.”

The fundraising event generated over $ 13,000 in the first three hours. Tori later said, “Speaking of the experience, I can only say that with our support we definitely compensate for all the embarrassment … but a sweet vaca will make it even better.” He said his goal was to find “Kroger Andy”. According to Post Millenial, Tori was a Target employee who was embarrassed online by a journalist who was upset that she didn’t respect the price of a toothbrush listed at $ 0.