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Danny Graves
Danny Graves

Danny Graves Bio

Police have identified 29-year-old Danny Graves from Cleveland as a suspect in an armed robbery attempt at a cell phone shop 600 block of Main Street.

Danny Graves Shot During Robbery

A suspect who was shot during a robbery attempt at an Akron store last week was charged by police.

Police said Graves entered the store at around 7:50 pm. December 1 waved a gun, took cash from the safe and tried to enter the safe.

Police said an employee took out the pistol and fired multiple shots and attacked Graves. The employee then escaped from the store.

Officers arrived and provided first aid, and Graves was taken to a nearby hospital.

Police said on Wednesday that Graves was charged with gross theft, carrying undercover weapons, and possession of an injured weapon in connection with a robbery attempt.

According to Akron police, Graves walked into the store, pulled out a pistol, and took money from the safe.

He then tried to access the safe.

That’s when a MetroPCS employee pulled out his own gun and fired more than one shot at Graves before he escaped from the store.

The officers detained Graves on arrival at the scene.

Graves went to the hospital after being hit by at least one bullet.