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David Guillod
David Guillod

David Guillod Wiki – David Guillod Biography

Filmmaker David Guillod was shot with 11 serious crimes involving rape, kidnapping to rape, and rape of a victim using drugs.

Guillod surrenders to Santa Barbara officials today and is expected to be released on the bond, according to a source. The Guillod spokesperson said he had maintained his innocence and was looking forward to cleaning his name.

David Guillod Career

David Guillod is a successful film and television producer, as well as a talent manager with numerous credits in his name. Guillod is one of the industry’s best and brightest talent management leaders; his talents are increasing in film, television, and literature. Guillod’s tireless efforts helped to create house names such as Katie Holmes, Jennifer Lopez, Justin Long, Don Cheadle, Rachel McAdams, and more. Among its loans in the sector, 25 years shape most of today’s pop culture.

Guillod is a senior manager with a former role as Primary Wave Entertainment CO-CEO, as well as leadership titles in many companies, including the United Talent Agency (UTA), Handprint Entertainment and Intellectual Artist Management. Guillod’s experience and understanding of the industry made him one of the best-known leaders of film, television, and literature. On the producer side, Guillod is known for producing the best “Extraction” films – Netflix’s lead actor Chris Hemsworth, “Atomic Blonde” @ Universal starring Charlize Theron, “The Intruder” @ Sony and TV Show “Loudermilk” with Pete Farrelly. “Atomic Blonde”, the producer of David Guillod, has won multiple Golden Trailer Awards and has been voted top ten by viewers in CinEuphoria

David Guillod Charge With Multiple Cases

The accusations by the Santa Barbara District Procuratorate stemmed from three incidents in May 2012, December 2014 and January 2015. On June 12, an order of $ 1 million was issued to arrest Guillod.

Guillod resigned as co-CEO of Primary Wave Entertainment in November 2017, when actress Jessica Barth accused herself of using drugs and sexually assaulting her. Barth claimed that the incident occurred in 2012 and took the case to the LAPD at the time.

Guillod faces four counts regarding the first incident on May 21, 2012: sexual penetration of an unconscious or unaware victim, sexual penetration of a drugged victim, oral mating of a drunk victim, and oral mating of an unconscious or unaware victim. On December 14, 2014, there are three more accusations related to the incident: robbery or rape, rape of a drug user victim, and kidnapping for rape. The latest incident required two rapes of fraud and two rapes of a drugged victim on January 20, 2015.

In the December 2014 incident, prosecutors were charged with two prison sentences: one for missing and another for probation of probation or a suspended sentence for certain sex offenses. Guillod is represented by defense lawyer Philip K. Cohen. In a statement, the spokesperson said he collected evidence in one of the cases that contradicted the claims, including a DNA test, text messages and emails.