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Donna Paysepar
Donna Paysepar

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Despite its reputation for pollution and virgin sewage, the New York TikToker went viral after first taking its dive into the Hudson River.

Donna Paysepar of Long Island dived into the river on August 12 and released it to over 14,000 followers. The clip shows the 20-year-old boy waving to the camera next to the Statue of Liberty before the Borns jumped on to the music of Electric Love.

TikTok quickly went viral, garnered over a million likes, and called for a wide variety of online responses.

While some used social media to denounce Paysepar as a tourist, referring to the health risks associated with the river, others joked that the lifeguard could turn into a variation of a super creature.

Barstool Sports shared the video on Twitter: “This girl will now gradually turn into a double Timb.”

The Tweet has been viewed over 8 million times since then.

Some of the other answers are below:

“We and I can’t stress this enough, let’s not dive into the Hudson river. What kind of tourist nonsense is this, ”one user wrote.

  • We look at the Hudson river
    We take pics of the Hudson river
    We buy houses next to the Hudson river

Donna Paysepar Viral Video

Another person tweeted, “All the dead bodies in the Hudson River wondering why there’s some white girl swiming above them.”

Paysepar responded to TikTok’s sequel to his newly discovered reputation and said he was inspired to test the waters because he was “excited”.

“I was really excited to finally come to the Statue of Liberty,” he said. “I’ve never been this close … I did too.” You know? Yolo. ”