Who is Dounya Zayer? (George Floyd Protester) Wiki, Bio, Age, Family, Career, Many More Facts You Need To Know

Who is Dounya Zayer? (George Floyd Protester) Wiki, Bio, Age, Family, Career, Many More Facts You Need To Know

Dounya Zayer Wiki – Dounya Zayer Bio

The woman has been identified by others at the scene as Dounya Zayer, who has continued to post updates on her condition from the hospital and claims that “I was in no way aggressive towards this police officer.”

Fast Facts You Need To Know

  • A young woman was violently flung to the ground by a cop in Brooklyn on Friday night as she protested 
  • She identified herself as 20-year-old Dounya Zayer
  • The protester claimed she suffered a massive seizure after the attack
  • She began posting online from hospital and shared another alleged video of the cop involved 
  • City officials have called for him to be charged with assault
  • Police violence was seen in other parts of New York City and Baltimore as demonstrations for George Floyd spread across the country

Dounya Zayer Alleged Incident

A 20-year-old woman allegedly suffered a violent seizure and was rushed to the Brooklyn hospital after being forcibly pushed by a New York police officer while protesting the death of George Floyd.

The incident happened on Friday night close to the Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn where police arrested dozens of protesters.It was first shared by Newsweek reporter Jason Lemon who claimed that the officer called her a ‘stupid f*****g b***h’ before throwing the protester to the ground. Police confirmed to NBC that the officer was being investigated as city officials called for him to be charged with assault.

Dounya Zayer Shocking Video

Zayer took to Twitter from the hospital to post several videos to explain what had happened to him. ‘This was me, and I want to make one thing clear to all the people who tell lies under this video. I did NOT spit in the face of this officer. He was wearing a face mask. He told me to get off the street and then immediately kicked me out of the way, ” he wrote. She also posted a video from her own perspective showing officers approaching her as she backed down the street, with one of them hitting her phone. Whitney Hu, an activist who also participated in the protest and who first posted Zayer’s video, said on Twitter that she was on her way to the hospital after the attack, but was forced to wait outside due to the coronavirus pandemic.

‘The cop pushed her so hard at Barclays & she flung back. She is tiny. Now she’s in the ER after a serious seizure. I’m waiting for updates but have to wait outside because of COVID-19. Please keep my protest sister in your thoughts,’ Hu wrote.

She later revealed that the young woman had woken up and was able to speak to her.

The shocking video shows Zayer being flung to the ground by the police officer and lying still for several seconds before eventually holding her head as other protesters rush to help her and call for people to take his badge number.

From the hospital, the protester revealed that she was thrown because she hadn’t moved out of the officer’s way in time after he asked her to move down the street.

“I wasn’t fussing, I was protesting,” she says in the video. “ I didn’t even go into his physical space, he was moving in my direction, he told me to move and because I didn’t move out of his way in time, he kicked me out of the way. “He was walking towards me, I was standing in his place,” he added. “And I never laid my hands on him.” Zayer says the group had peacefully protested in front of officers when someone from the protesters threw an object like a bottle at the police. She says this caused the police to ‘stampede’ and that she was running backwards when the officer pushed her. “If you really want to compare me standing in the middle of the street with the officer who killed George Floyd … it’s not comparable,” he said. “He was protesting for a reason and the officers who were at this protest should back off.”

The video of the attack was criticized by city officials who called for action against the police officer. New York City Council President Corey Johnson said: ‘This officer should be charged with assault. Hard to see Brutal and unacceptable. He also condemned the widespread police response to the Brooklyn protest on Friday night. ‘We have not been able to scale down. New York police should ease tensions, not pepper state lawmakers and push peaceful protesters, ” he said, referring to Assemblywoman Diana Richardson, who says she was sprayed with pepper while peacefully protesting in Barclays Square. . Dozens were arrested Friday on the second night of violent protests in New York City. Although the night began peacefully, the protests increased dramatically. Two state lawmakers say they were sprinkled with pepper and one handcuffed. Friday’s violent video comes after police officers were caught coughing up a group of people in the Bronx on Thursday night.

The video shows a police officer opening his mouth and deliberately coughing up a group of people without wearing a mask and then slowly walking away. The group is seen asking for their license plate number before the cops get back into their car. Police violence was also seen in Baltimore on Friday night, where a black woman was shot down after pushing a white police officer. The video shows the woman and the officer arguing as others approach. When she starts to walk away, he walks over to her and she rocks her head before pushing him again. A second black police officer runs in and takes her to the ground.

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