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Dr. Birger Sørensen

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Birger Sørensen, a Norwegian scientist Dr. Birger Sørensen, along with British professor Angus Dalgleish, has joined a growing number of people who argue that Covid-19 was not caused by bats as it was originally thought. They believe the virus was created by China at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, where it infiltrated. This theory was widely rejected by both China and the World Health Organization (WHO) in 2020, but it is slowly gaining credibility.

How old is Birger Sørensen?

Birger Sørensen is believed to be in her 70s.

Birger søRensen

President Joe Biden ordered intelligence agencies to investigate the origins of Covid-19 on May 27 and did not explicitly rule out the laboratory leak theory. Initially, the theory was called “racist” and blamed for the increase in anti-Asian violence, but if Dalgleish and Sørensen are to be believed, that’s nothing more.

His research was originally published by The Daily Mail and the article will be published “in the coming days”.

Angus Dalgleish Birger Sorenson

Professor Dalgleish is currently a professor of oncology at St George’s Hospital Medical School in London. Dalgleish is a graduate of University College London, and is a member of The Royal College of Physicians of the UK and Australia, the Royal College of Pathologists and The Academy of Medical Scientists.

According to the London Cancer Center, Dalgleish is interested in how the viruses he researched cause cancer.

Dalgleish is also the co-founder of Onyvax, a drug that vaccines for common tumors. Currently sits on eight editorial boards, author or co-author of peer-reviewed scientific articles, and has more than 70 chapters in medical books. The center is the co-editor of five medical books, ”says the center.

Dalgleish got into a big controversy after her comments at a pro-Brexit conference in 2016.

Dalgleish said the NHS was on its knees and could “collapse completely” due to immigrants from the EU that it legally had to treat. Apart from that, he is recognized as a leading cancer specialist in the UK. He is also known for his groundbreaking work in creating the first working vaccine for HIV.

Reportedly Birger Sørensen is a virologist who is currently head of the pharmaceutical company Immunol, which is developing the Covid-19 vaccine ‘Biovacc-19’. He has 27 publications to his name and has an MSc from Tromsø University. He is the CEO of Bionor Holding, a drug currently working on a vaccine for HIV. He previously served as the company’s ‘Vaccine Executive’.

He was also the President of the Norwegian Bio Industry Association between 2006-2010.

Angus Dalgleish Coronavirus

According to two experts, scientists at the Wuhan lab created the virus and “then tried to cover its traces with reverse engineered versions of the virus to make it appear to have evolved naturally from bats”. The duo allegedly had evidence for over a year, but as such allegations were viewed as racist, they were ignored by leading academics and publications. The pair also accused the lab of “deliberate destruction, concealment or contamination of data”.

They also noted that several speaking scientists had mysteriously disappeared.

Angus Dalgleish Covid

They made claims after began analyzing virus samples while trying to create a vaccine in 2020. At that time, they discovered “unique fingerprints” that they claimed could only come from manipulation in the lab. As a result, they believe the virus (SARS-Coronavirus-2) does not have a “reliable natural ancestor” and believe that the virus was created in the laboratory “beyond reasonable doubt”.

Quarterly Review of Biophysics Discovery The

The 22-page article will be published soon in the Quarterly Review of Biophysics Discovery.

They conclude, “A natural virus outbreak is expected to gradually mutate and become more contagious but less pathogenic, something many have come to expect from the Covid-19 outbreak, but it doesn’t appear to have happened,” they conclude.

The angle is expected to be investigated by both the US and WHO in the coming months.


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