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Robert C. Hamilton
Robert C. Hamilton

Robert C. Hamilton Wiki – Robert C. Hamilton Biography

After America’s Frontline Doctors video went viral, it was removed from Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, and many people want to learn more about the doctors in the video. One of the talking doctors, Dr. from Santa Monica, California. Robert C. Hamilton (introducing himself as Bob Hamilton in the video). Although he did not give an idea of hydroxychloroquine for the treatment of coronavirus, he spoke about reopened schools and infection rates in children.

Robert C. Hamilton Video

During the currently offline video, Hamilton said he had a pediatrician who had been in private practice for 36 years in Santa Monica, California. In the video of America’s Frontline Doctors, he mostly talked about believing that children tolerate infections well, low mortality for children and rarely transmit the infection to adults. He also said that he believes that schools can take appropriate security measures in place.

America’s Frontline Doctors website is closed, but an archived version still shows Hamilton’s biography.

According to his biography, Hamilton studied medicine and resided at UCLA Medical School. He was President of the Los Angeles Pediatric Association and wrote “The 7 Secrets of the Newborn”.

He founded Pacific Ocean Pediatrics in 1996, and the app now includes Hamilton and five other doctors. One of his lists says he currently accepts new patients and speaks Spanish and English.

Robert C. Hamilton Family

Hamilton and his wife Leslie have six children of his own and nine grandchildren. He and his daughter Sarah work together on the board of the Santa Monica Symphony.

Founded an Organization Focused

Hamilton also founded the Lighthouse Medical Missions, which arrange short-term missions to Africa, Asia, Central and South America. According to his biography, he personally traveled to Africa 26 times.

According to the Lighthouse Medical Missions website, the organization went to Gambia, West Africa in 1998. They were so deeply impressed that they continued to come back and now organized missions in Africa in coordination with the Gate Christian Scholarship. They built churches, water projects, schools, and excavated wells.

Created a Baby-Calming Technique

Hamilton’s known for creating the “Hamilton Hold,” which is a technique to calm crying babies. You can see Hamilton demonstrating the technique in the video below.