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Authorities announced on Friday that Dwain Johnson, 18, was charged with one first-degree murder, as well as vehicle hijack and weapons charges. The incident came a day after police announced that they would also accuse a 15-year-old boy of the shooting.

The young suspect is recognized by the authorities as a member of a “crew” famous for stealing cars in the area.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot said Williams spoke with his wife Thursday morning about the break in the case.

As you can imagine, his life is still falling apart. There are too many tears and I suspect there will be many more shedding in the coming days, ”Lightfoot said.“ This is something that changes their lives beyond repair. ”

Williams spent 28 years in the Chicago Fire Department and later specialized in the coordination of city surveillance cameras at OEMC.

Dwain Johnson Arrested

Earlier this month, a second suspect was charged in a failed car hijack that cost the life of a retired Chicago firefighter.

Firefighter Lieutenant Dwain Williams was leaving a popcorn shop in Morgan Park on December 3, when a group of three kids approached him. They followed him to the shop, believing it was an offer to steal his burgundy Jeep Grand Cherokee.

According to the Chicago Tribune, Williams was shot in the stomach once in the midst of a gunfight with the suspects. The 67-year-old former firefighter fell to the ground, giving suspects time to escape from the scene.