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Dylan Ray Scott
Dylan Ray Scott

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Dylan Ray Scott, who told his mother that he wanted to “die by suicide by the police,” earlier this year, was killed Tuesday night in Riverview in the dramatic impasse that was there with police on a massive theft order to catch him. and resisting arrest.

For four minutes, Florida lawmakers pleaded and pleaded with a suspect at gunpoint to raise his hands before he was forced to use lethal force – and such incidents, experts said, demonstrated the incredible challenges cops face on a daily basis.

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“Whatever videos like this show are, there will be people who will just call it ‘killer cop’,” said Eugene O’Donnell, a professor at John Jay College of Criminal Justice and a former NYPD officer and Queens attorney – what the debate about police attacks is. He added that he underlined that he became so ignorant.

“Especially in this unforgiving climate, such officials will be unfairly stigmatized and used against them if they are forced to use lethal force again, even 10 years from now.”

Footage of the police corpse shows Scott walking away from an aide who first stopped him, but his pickup truck came to a standstill after being taken under the T-bone by another car – with a female passenger who descended safely before the fire.

As the officers ran, he repeatedly warned that he had a gun in his waist and ignored the officers who constantly pleaded with him not to shoot him for almost four minutes.

Come on man. Hillsborough County Deputy Sheriff Timothy Miskell pleaded when he pointed the service gun and flashlight at the 27-year-old suspect with a history of attacking the police.

“We personally don’t take anything and I don’t want to shoot you, but that’s what will happen if you don’t show me your hands,” the deputy sheriff warned him. “Hands up. Please don’t make me do this.

“If you don’t show me your hands, you will die right there in the passenger seat,” he warned, offering to help him.

“The guarantees you have right now, you will get a bond. But if you make a bad decision right now, it could cost your life.

“And I’m begging you not to make that choice … Come on man, please don’t.”

Throughout the exchange, other officers around Miskell could be heard crying out for Scott, who also had a long criminal record, to raise his hands and not reach for the weapon in his hand.

“You’re going out of jail tomorrow, man, show us your hands,” someone called out.

Miskell told Scott “we’re fine” – before the police officers fired, the suspect suddenly moved from inside the car.


The sheriff’s office said he was transferred to Tampa General Hospital, where Scott died of his injuries. It was stated that the driver in the T-bone van was also admitted to the hospital, complaining of chest pain.

The force said Scott had no gun, although he claimed to be on it or in his van.

Miskell and three other officers – Sergeant. Michael Hannaford, Cpl. Steven Schneider and his Deputy Devin Wooden – were on administrative leave, which their bosses emphasized are strictly protocol.

“These lawmakers did the textbook job to try to get this suspect to turn himself in,” Sheriff Chad Chronister said.

“He begged him to show his hands, and they stopped begging him not to reach for the firearm he had repeatedly said he had.

“There is no perfect result in such situations, but I am grateful that none of our MPs were injured and we were able to keep innocent citizens safe on the road as this situation unfolded,” he said.

Scott had a criminal record for theft, drug possession, and a series of crimes against the police; These included violently resisting a police officer, battering a law enforcement agency, and trying to escape and escape from the police.

According to the Tampa Bay Times, the force reported at a press conference that Scott’s mother left a note in the summer stating that her son wanted to “die by suicide by the police”.

John Jay professor O’Donnell said the suspect had tortured the officers in some form – this “unjustly branded them”

He insisted that there were “two victims” and said, “This is a real act of persecution that could leave some deep psychic wounds on this officer.

“It is a great desire for an official to be forced into a situation where they have no choice but to extinguish another person’s life, especially when they face them this way.

“It’s not uncommon for officers to take this kind of pain to the grave,” he said.

Noting that research has shown that almost four out of every 10 police attacks were “police suicides,” he said, unfortunately, this was not an “unusual” event, but one that was ignored by anti-police protesters.

“Regardless, there will be a group of people who believe that the police should wait until they are shot, that any preventive force is inappropriate,” he said.

“These officers are our attorneys who do the hard things we don’t have to do – and they often bear the cost of their deaths,” he said of the PTSD, to which officers are often subjected to being forced to shoot suspects.