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Eduard Seleznev
Eduard Seleznev

Eduard Seleznev Wiki – Eduard Seleznev Bio

Eduard Seleznev, also known as ‘Arkhangelsk Cannibal’, who killed and ate the body parts of his three friends, was found guilty of all charges and sentenced to life imprisonment in a special regime colony in Russia. As part of Seleznev’s sentence, the victims were also asked to pay one million rubles (roughly $ 14,000) in return for family members.

Seleznev, 51, from Arkhangelsk, northwest Russia, was convicted of the murder of three friends between March 2016 and March 2017. He was also reported to be boiled and used as food after stabbing his cooked remains in his extensive trial. He took the bloody act when they passed out from drinking too much alcohol. Seleznev was previously charged with double murder and released after serving 13 years in prison, after which he committed these heinous crimes, The Sun reported.

Eduard Seleznev Age

He is 51 years old.

Eduard Seleznev Background

Seleznev was born in the northwestern part of Russia in 1969. Since his young age, he has been described as a slow student and reportedly a habitual smoker. He was convicted of embezzlement several times, and after his release in 2000,

He began living in basements where he survived by killing cats, dogs and birds, from which he would later eat their corpses. According to reports from Seleznev’s trial, he killed his first victim in 2016. The victim is said to have had a homeless friend whom she met in a homeless shelter where she shared the same room. He killed the homeless man with a knife and smashed his body with an ax. He even boiled some of the remains, as he had trouble swallowing the hard body flesh. As for the remaining body parts, he put them in plastic bags and tossed them into a nearby river. It was reported that Seleznev’s first crime of cannibalism went unnoticed for two years.

In March 2018, he immediately moved to the home of a man he killed and similarly made cannibals. However, after killing and eating body parts, he decided to stay home and started working at a local meat processing factory.

Things turned upside down when the victim’s family members tried to contact his relatives, but he found Seleznev living in the apartment. When asked about the whereabouts of his roommate, he said that the man was okay and that St. He said he moved to St. Petersburg. When the family members saw the flat, they found strange looking unpackaged meat on the floor. However, the missing man’s father found a jacket with Seleznev’s passport and a bank card with the name of a man he did not know. Their personal information made the family suspicious and they went to the police.

Eduard Seleznev Arrested

Seleznev was quickly arrested by the local authorities, who brought him to the police station for questioning. He confessed to all the crimes and revealed bloody details of how he killed three drinking buddies since 2016. She also claimed to have eaten several animals, but she added that she heard a voice ordering her to kill and consume humans. Seleznev’s last trial began in January 2020 and was later found guilty and sentenced to life imprisonment.