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Elly Warren
Elly Warren

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Melbourne woman Elly Warren, 20, was on a diving and volunteering program when she was murdered one night out with her friends in the tourist village of Tofo in November 2016.

The father of a woman who was killed and possibly raped on a beach in Mozambique announced that she had to use Google to translate a police report because she lacked the support of Australian police.
Warren’s father, Paul, has spent at least $ 50,000 over the past four years after taking the investigation into his own hands and has made two trips to the African country.

Fast Facts

  • Elly Warren, 20, was killed during a night out in Mozambique in November 2016
  • Australian officials told her father Paul they would translate a police report
  • In October DFAT reneged on the offer due to a lack of resources in the embassy
  • Mr Warren was forced to use Google to translate the Portuguese document 
  • The revelations come a day after Mr Warren claimed to have identified a suspect
  • The father-of-three said he convinced a sex worker to infiltrate a crime gang

Elly Warren Killed

On August 17, the Australian embassy in South Africa told the desperate father of three children that he would translate an eight-page police report into Portuguese for him.

However, in October, Mr Warren was informed that Australian officials were returning from the offer because “our embassy currently does not have the resources to translate the document”.

He had no choice but to use Google Translate to decipher what the document said.

Once again, I feel stupid to listen to them. I have been constantly told to be patient and wait for the authorities to do something, and it turns out that they are doing nothing over and over again and I have to do it myself in the end, ” said The Australian.

Victoria Police homicide detective Charlie Bezzina said it was unreasonable that Warren had so little help from Australian officials.

“One of our citizens was killed in another country, and here you have to do most of the investigation because the case is causing political turmoil,” Bezzina said.
The statements came a day after Mr. Warren claimed to have identified a suspect in his daughter’s murder after convincing a sex worker to infiltrate a criminal gang.

He’s a bad guy and someone known and feared in Tofo. The local people think they can get out of everything because they paid the police, ‘he said.

“What we know for sure is that he runs a prostitution gang, sells cocaine, and is famous for drugging tourists and robbing them.”

Mr. Warren received a notice in March from a “very worried South African mother” and warned him of a man who was drinking and stealing from “tourists”.

He then discussed this information with a German private investigator who offered to work on the investigation into Warren’s charitable death.

The two spent several months planning a secret surveillance mission and implemented the plan in August, after the local authorities still did not make any arrests.

“I felt like I had no choice but to run this operation … so we organized a prostitute to move to Tofo and eventually befriend this gang leader, and we tried to find out what we could do about him and how he worked,” said Warren.

He explained that the operation lasted about four weeks, ended with the sex worker starting to fear for his life, and the crime boss determined that he was an important person.

The sex worker obtained secret records that could be heard of the gang leader bragging about his criminal abuse and threatening a young woman.

Mr. Warren now believes that his daughter may have been the victim of an unsuccessful robbery attempt by the gang and was accidentally killed after trying to resist.

He said that they could throw the body of the police off a toilet block, knowing that they would try to cover up the rape and murder of a foreign tourist.