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Eloise Chairs
Eloise Chairs

Eloise Chairs Wiki – Eloise Chairs Biography

Eloise Chairs was a mother of five from Illinois who was shot and killed in a crowded Chuck E. Cheese after quarreling with another mother over her son’s card game.

According to WQAD, the family of Eloise Chairs told the news outlet that their son, whom they believed was taken by another child, was killed after getting into an argument with one of his playing cards. During this debate, the friend of the parent Chairs grabbed a gun and hit the Chairs on the shoulder. The bullet hit a large artery and the Chairs died from blood loss.

Eloise Chairs Family

Chairs was a mother of five children. She had a newborn daughter and 4 sons who saw her mother being shot. Christena Chairs, sister of the chairs, told local news station WQAD that Eloise is a loving mother who always prioritizes her children and she has seen her children get shot.

“Eloise always puts her children first,” Sister Christena Chairs told WQAD. “Eloise was killed in front of her children, blood-covered them all. ”

Eloise Chairs Shooting Incident

Chairs was killed after getting into an argument with one of the playing cards that his son believed was taken by another child. Treshonda M. Pollion, 24-year-old friend of the other mother, allegedly pulled out a gun and shot at the chairs in a family-run restaurant that was expected to host the children’s birthdays and other holidays. Pollion said he ran away from the fast food restaurant after the incident.

A bullet hit the shoulder of the chairs, hit a large artery, causing him to die without bleeding.

They stated that on October 26, Pollion was detained in Rock Island, Illinois, just across the Mississippi River from Davenport.

The PerpetratorArrest

Treshonda M. Pollion, the alleged murderer, crossed the state border on Tuesday to appear before Judge Cheryl Traum at the Scott District Court. According to the Scott County Sheriff’s Office, the latter accused him of first-degree murder and found a $ 1 million bail.

A first-degree murder conviction in Iowa requires a mandatory life sentence without parole. Pollion’s next hearing will be held on November 6th.

Eloise Chairs Death

After arguing with another mother for her son’s card game, chairs were shot dead in front of their children in a crowded Chuck E Cheese.