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Emilie Morris
Emilie Morris

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Emilie Morris was an athletic teenager and an athletic teenager, an athletic teenager, an athletic teenager, an athletic teenager, an athletic teenager, an athletic teenager, an athletic teenager, before her coach changed her life forever by abusing her, St.

According to a 2018 BuzzFeed News article, Morris tackled self-loathing, bulimia, alcoholism and depression in the years following alleged child abuse. Even after she got married and had two children, the demons of her past continued to haunt her. Her marriage broke up and her struggle with alcohol cost her children custody.


Eventually, Morris gathered courage and went to the police with his allegations against his former coach, James Wilder. Investigators told him to get a confession from Wilder to file a strong lawsuit against him, so he said, By wearing a wire, she confronted the alleged abuser and recorded an 87-minute conversation in which the couple discussed their past relationship.


St. The Louis County Police Department arrested Wilder and charged him with six legal sodomy after Morris handed over the recorded evidence to the authorities. But just before Morris approached picking a date to take his testimony, he was found dead in his home under unexplained circumstances. Shortly after his death, all charges against Wilder were dropped.

In the two-hour special ‘The Case Died With Her,’ premiering Sunday, Dec. 6, Oxygen re-examines the mysterious death and the allegations of abuse against Wilder. Here are some highlights:

Sexual Encounters

During a field team workout in a park not far from high school, while the rest of the team was busy grabbing the flag, Morris approached Wilder from behind a tree and began telling him about a game a boy at his school wanted. Playing with him named “Chicken”. The play involved the man holding his hand to his leg and seeing how far he would allow him to go before calling out “Chicken”.


Wilder was interested in playing games with Morris, he said to the police and began to put his hand on his leg – sliding him all the way to the crotch part that he allegedly held over his jeans. He quickly pulled out of the team when a child couple passed. Morris’s parents asked Wilder to take him home the same day. When they got home, they saw that the house was empty and Morris invited his coach inside. Once inside, it was alleged that she put her in a blue ottoman in the living room, lowered her pants and underwear, and gave him a blowjob. for custom. Though it didn’t go further that day, one claimed that the abuse continued during the coming months by having oral sex once a week.

Confessions on the tape

In the roughly 90-minute conversation between Wilder and Morris, he confessed to the sexual relationship they shared in the past when they were still a student, but never mentioned a date during the confessions, which blurred the timeline.

“We’ve done something wrong under our law these days,” Wilder claims on the record, according to BuzzFeed, “You know I’m not a reptile. I’m not afraid.” “In 90 percent of the world, 15 is legal. So, if I go and look at a 15-year-old in Spain, I can do this on the streets all day – whatever – and nothing happens. You touch a 16-year-old and you go to jail here.” Convicted in Missouri state had been, each top-up could carry up to seven years in prison behind bars.

Emilie Morris Death & Cause

Morris’s body was discovered by his father. She was found lying in her pajamas on the bedroom floor, with a trash can pulled over her head. It was wrapped in his duvet and there were snacks nearby. Investigators found vomit in the plastic lining of the trash can pulled up to his shoulders and determined that he died without suffocation. An empty bottle of vodka was also standing nearby.

However, his family found his death suspicious, stating that a door to the apartment was unlocked and his blood alcohol concentration at the time of death was less than 0.05 percent – below the legal driving limit of 0.08 percent. special.