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Emily Applegate
Emily Applegate

Emily Applegate Wiki – Emily Applegate Biography

The Washington Post left the highly anticipated article about the toxic culture behind the Washington NFL team, previously known as Redskins, and the team’s former marketing coordinator, Emily Applegate, was one of 15 women speaking to blame multiple members of sexual management and verbal abuse.

According to his LinkedIn account, 31-year-old Applegate served as Washington’s marketing coordinator from December 2014 to August 2015. He told the Washington Post “the most miserable experience of my life” for a year and seven months.

Emily Applegate Work & Career

After graduating from South River High School in New Jersey, Applegate remained local to study at Yuzuncu Yil University before studying Business Marketing and Communication at Kean University. Before working on Washington’s NFL team, Applegate worked as a research assistant at Rutgers.

Applegate volunteered at SafePlace after quitting his job in Washington. According to LinkedIn, “he served as a lawyer to the survivors to help them better understand their rights, forensic examinations, and next steps.”

Applegate has no desire to work in sports again. Former Washington employee told Post that he was preparing to take LSATs this week and was looking forward to going to law school one day.

Applegate settled in Texas, but continued to work in the world of sports. Between 2015 and 2018, he worked at Austin Texas University as a senior sales and service ticket representative. In 2019, he became a lively personality and co-producer of the Tailgate Country on The Horn show, aired on 104.9 and AM 1260.

Based on his Facebook profile, Applegate has since returned to his hometown of New Jersey and helps his family’s 33rd Tavern restaurant in South River. He previously worked as a manager in the restaurant between 2009-2014.

On March 26, Applegate wrote on Facebook that the Tavern of 33 took all necessary steps to safely reopen it during the coronavirus outbreak. He said:

Emily Applegate Sexual Abuse

In her article, which includes interviews with more than 40 former and former employees on Thursday, Applegate boldly spoke about Washington’s sexual assault experiences with ex-chief operating chief, Mitch Gershman. Recalling that he called him “stupid” and insisted on wearing tight clothes, he said, “The men in the room have something to look at.”

“We all tolerated it because we knew if we were complaining – and they reminded us – there were 1,000 people who would take our job at heartbeat,” Post said. Applegate said Gershman “routinely annoys him because of minor problems like printer malfunctions,” with an account approved by two other former female employees.

Applegate said, “I would say I was stupid because I couldn’t print something as he wanted, and he said,‘ Ah, did you run over yesterday, you look really good. ”

On a text messaging exchange shared with the Washington Post, Applegate asked Gershman about its upcoming sales meeting plan. “It’s not part of it. No worries. Go find a buddy !! “Rough” he wrote back.