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Emily Rainey
Emily Rainey

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Captain Emily Rainey, 30, had already resigned from his post before leaving for D.C. last week, CBS News reported on the first Monday. Still, the resignation process takes time, and therefore she was still on active duty on Wednesday. She reportedly offered her resignation after receiving a letter of condemnation ending her career for her involvement in a different protest in the Fort Bragg area last year.

After leading 100 Trump supporters from North Carolina to Washington DC last week, a psychological operations officer in Fort Bragg is being investigated by the Army after rebels raided the U.S. Capitol on the same day and overturned the official approval of the Electoral College votes.

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She is 30 years old.

Emily Rainey Army investigating officer

Commanders at Fort Bragg are reviewing Rainey’s involvement in the events in the country’s capital last week, but he said he was acting within military regulations and that no one in his group broke the law.

“I was a private citizen and I am doing everything right and in my rights,” Rainey said on Sunday to the Associated Press. Fox News did not immediately return requests for comment on Monday.

Rainey told the AP that Moore County, who describes itself as a non-partisan network that supports conservative values, is managing 100 members of the Freedom Citizens to Washington to “stand up to election fraud” and support President Trump. He said the group was attending the White House’s Save America Rally near Ellipse, but was unaware that anyone in his group had entered the Capitol. He said they were back on their bus hours before an emergency curfew came into effect.

The army is also investigating whether soldiers stationed at Fort Bragg accompanied Rainey to D.C.

According to Major Daniel Lessard, spokesperson for the 1st Special Forces Command, Rainey was appointed to the 4th Psychological Operations Group in Fort Bragg. The group known as PSYCOPES uses knowledge and misinformation to shape the emotions, decision-making and actions of American enemies.
Rainey first made headlines in May after posting a video online in which he downloaded a warning tape at a playground that was closed under North Carolina’s COVID-19 restrictions.

Police in Southern Pines, a community about 48 kilometers west of Fort Bragg, accused the police of damaging personal property due to the incident. Police told WRAL-TV that they had left the tape twice with warnings after tearing the tape covering the playing area.

In Washington on Wednesday, rebels seized the House and Senate chambers, smashed windows, and waved Trump, American and Confederate flags. The revolt followed a rally in which Trump repeated allegations that the election was fraudulent against him and said he and his supporters must “fight much harder” to protect democracy.

So far, at least 90 people have been arrested, ranging from misdemeanor and curfew violations to crimes related to attacks on police officers, possession of illegal weapons, and death threats to D-Calif House of Representatives Chair Nancy Pelosi.

Rainey said that his group and most people who travel to Washington are “peace-loving, law-abiding people who do nothing but show our First Amendment rights.”

Rainey said he attended the Trump rally while on leave and did not advertise that he was an army officer. He said on Sunday that his commanders did not question his time spent in Washington, but did not immediately respond to a subsequent investigation into the Army’s investigation.

“Before I left I told my bosses I was going and when I got back I told them,” he said.

Members of the US military are allowed to participate in political organizations and events outside of uniform. However, there are caveats. The Ministry of Defense directive prohibits active duty soldiers from sponsoring partisan organizations. It is unclear whether Rainey’s participation with his group on Wednesday is against DOD policy.

Fort Bragg also did not immediately return the Fox News request on Monday.

Moore County Citizens of Freedom posted on Facebook on Thursday, “It looks like a peaceful protest. They should pray for us to stay that way.” Shared a video with the title.

In the video, a group of people, most of them wearing American flags and pro-Trump T-shirts, showed a group of people singing “The Star-” in their hearts in front of Dobbs Building, home to the North Carolina Public Utilities Commission in Washington. Scaly Banner. “