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Emily Weinman
Emily Weinman

Emily Weinman Wiki – Emily Weinman Biography

Emily Weinman, 22, made national headlines two years ago after she was shown being shot in the face by officers from the Wildwood Police Department after her violent Memorial Day arrest was videotaped and posted on social media.

A young Philadelphia mother who was punched by New Jersey police on a beach after facing suspicion of underage drinking ended her $ 325,000 case with the city.

The incident began to unfold when they approached Weinman, who was then 20, and questioned the existence of two unopened Twisted Tea bottles containing alcohol.

Fast Facts You Need To Know

  • Emily Weinman will be paid $325,000 to settle her federal lawsuit against Wildwood, New Jersey, and local police officers 
  • Weinman accused cops of punching her in the face during Memorial Day 2018 arrest on a Wildwood beach 
  • Violent confrontation between the woman and officers was caught on video and went viral 
  • Weinman later claimed police escalated the situation and then lied to grand jury about the incident  

Emily Weinman Arrest & Charge

The situation worsened when Weinman, who spent the day on the beach with his 18-month-old daughter and some friends, refused to give his last name after passing two Breathalyzer tests.

Witnesses noted that the officers had knocked down Weinman and punched him while trying to contain him.

In October 2019, Weinman filed a federal lawsuit against Wildwood City and police officers Thomas Cannon, Robert Jordan and Lieutenant Kenneth Gallagher, accusing the police of lying to the grand jury about the incident.

More than a year later, on November 19, 2020, the lawyer of the city of Wildwood agreed to pay US Judge Carol Sandra Moore Wells in Pennsylvania to pay $ 325,000 to the city’s Weinman to settle her case, according to NJ.com first. reported that.

The solution was the subject of non-binding mediation on 4 November before the judge.

The Atlantic County Municipal Co-Insurance Fund signed the six-figure payment, which will result in the case being dismissed against all defendants.

Former Wildwood Mayor Ernie Troiona Jr., who was on duty at the time, criticized the deal as “fraud and the fall of justice.”

Making his voice heard in the police defense, Troiona insisted that the officers in question were merely ‘doing their job’.

He argued that the agreement gave the message that the public could ‘treat the police like garbage’ and then get paid.

Police body footage and audience video from the incident on Wildwood Beach showed the rivalry between Weinman and officers Cannon and Jordan.

In body camera footage, Cannon is heard saying to Weinman, “That’s it, you’re about to fall.”

Weinman shouts to the police: “You’re not allowed to beat me like this! I’m a woman! You’re not allowed to hit me this way and drown me like that. I did nothing wrong.”

According to Weinman’s federal complaint, officers’ arrested him by forcibly pushing his face and head into the sand, pulling his hair, bending his arms, putting his whole body weight on him, strangling and eventually hitting him in the face and head. Closed area with fists. ‘

Officers claimed that the woman had kicked and spat at them. Although Weinman said he might have kicked it after he started being hard on him, he never wanted to spit on them.

Weinman eventually pleaded guilty to a single misconduct for using profanity in February 2019 and was detained for a year.

The officers who carried out the arrest were cleared of irregularity after undergoing a previously non-criminal but internal investigation.