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Emine Bulut Murder

Emine Bulut Wiki

Emine Bulut was stabbed to death in a cafe on 18 August in Kirikkale. Video posted to social media shows the mother screaming and holding her neck as her 10-year-old daughter begs her not to die.

According to “We Will Stop Femicide”, a women’s rights platform, 245 women have been killed in Turkey in the first seven months of 2019.

Emine Bulut Age

Emine Bulut Age was 38 year at the time of death.

Emine Bulut Murder Biography

The murder was committed on August 18 at a cafe on Menderes Street. Bouncer Baran, His divorced wife 4 years ago, Emine Bulut and daughter FBB met in the cafe. Emine Baran and Emine Bulut, the debate between the output. In a growing debate, Fedai Baran stabbed his ex-wife with various knives in front of his daughter.

Emine Bulut remained in blood, Fedai Baran took a taxi and ran away. Notice from the medical teams, injured Amine cloud and his daughter FBB High Emine Specialized Hospital removed. Bulut received treatment, despite all the efforts of doctors died.

Bouncer Baran, Bahşılı district was detained after the incident. Removed by the court arrested the Fedai Baran, the court stated, “when you talk about custody of my child when I insulted me angry and hit me with a knife,” he said.

Recorded Footage Video Bloodied

In the grainy cellphone video, a bloodied Emine Bulut turns toward the camera and screams: “I don’t want to die!”

The recording shows the harrowing moments after Bulut’s ex-husband stabbed her at a restaurant in their hometown in central Turkey last week.

The footage, which includes the sobs of her daughter, emerged Friday and set off a firestorm in Turkey, where rights groups say violence against women is common.

In the video, Bulut’s white shirt is soaked in blood, and her 10-year-old daughter pleads with her to live. Bulut, 38, died of her wounds. Her ex-husband, Fedai Baran, has been charged with her murder.

But the gruesome tableau, and Bulut’s final anguished plea galvanized activists, politicians and other prominent figures to condemn what they say are persistent attacks against women in Turkey, and a system that fails to protect them.

Emine Bulut screaming  ‘I don’t want to die’

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Emine Bulut appeared at the scene immediately after the attack appeared.

Emine Bulut, who was in the blood and struggling to stand, was screaming, “I don’t want to die.”

Daughter FBB’nin “Mother please do not die,” he said, the image of the mother holding his head and crying was reflected. The image included the removal of Fedai Baran from the café by two people.

Stop Femicide in Turkey

The mayor of Istanbul wrote on his Twitter: “We lost Emine Bulut because of male violence. We stand by women and children in the fight against violence and we will continue to.”

A message from the Besiktas football team said: “We are not silent against this savage. We wish the killings of women to come to an end and the perpetrators will be tried with the most severe penalties. We won’t get used to it, we won’t shut up.”

Gulsum Kav, the representative of We Will Stop Femicide, told the BBC: “The fact that her last cry was asking not to be killed is the symbol of how little, we as women, want. In Turkey, our demand, as women, is not to be killed.

“This was Emine’s last cry. And the fact that her child cried ‘Mum don’t die’… I don’t think anyone in the world can turn a blind eye to it whatever their world view.”

According to We Will Stop Femicide, 32 women were killed in July alone.

Ms. Kav said that people in Turkey are beginning to become more aware that “there is a femicide problem”. Femicide is the killing of a female on account of her gender. She says this began with the murder and attempted rape of Ozgecan Aslan, a student, in 2015.

A report by Hacettepe University found that 36% of married or previously married women have been subjected to physical violence at least once in their lifetime.

“Since then more people have been joining the movement for women’s rights. Our fight for it has been spread to all parts of society. Women’s demands not to be killed or subjected to violence have become a widespread social request,” Ms. Kay said.


After the news about the brutal murder of Emine Bulut’s ex-wife, there was an intense reaction to women’s murders on social media. #EmineBulut tags TT as the 1st place, while the response message came from Fenerbahce Twitter account.

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