Leicester City star Demarai Gray’s naked girlfriend : Emma Hickman Wiki, Age, Bio, Family, threatened, Net Worth, Many More Facts You need To Know

Leicester City star Demarai Gray's naked girlfriend : Emma Hickman Wiki, Age, Bio, Family, threatened, Net Worth, Many More Facts You need To Know

Emma Hickman Wiki

Emarai Gray’s naked girlfriend and baby were threatened by thugs with machetes in their home while the Leicester City star was out. England’s Under-21 partner, Emma Hickman, was in bed with her six-week-old son when four assailants entered. The 22-year-old said she was “absolutely petrified” while giving evidence at the Crown Court in Birmingham

Emma Hickman Threatened

Emma Hickman (pictured) told the court that armed men burst into her West Midlands home and threatened her while making off with cash and jewelry

Burglars with balaclavas stormed the house in Barnt Green, West Midlands, reports The Sun. They made £ 24,000 in money and jewelry after the raid in March last year. Mrs. Hickman told the jury: ‘Everyone had guns on them. One of them had an orange machete, it was like a sword. The images taken from CCTV cameras show criminals passing by a football shirt with a frame in the hall.

Ms. Hickman said that they accused her 23-year-old partner of being a ‘gangbanger’ and demanded to know when he was coming back.

They snatched her Rolex and told her that the footballer could fork out for another one.

When she told them that her mother was on the way, the men told her that she’d ‘get hurt’ when she arrived.

Aaron Jones, who was allegedly part of the gang, had searched ‘Demarai Gray Leicester City’ just three days before.

One member of the masked group had sent a message which read: ‘Defo cash there.’

Mr. Jones, 28, denies being involved in the raid and chose not to give evidence. The armed gang is accused of targeting homes and businesses during a six-month crime wave in the Midlands that ended in April last year.

Machetes, hammers and a serrated Rambo knife were used to threaten victims, jurors heard.

Nicholas Rothera, 34, and his son, Cory Rothera, 18, have pleaded guilty to conspiracy to rob. Tyler Greenway, 19, denies involvement.

All four are accused of being members of a larger gang targeting shops and homes. The trial continues.

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