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Emmanuel Duron
Emmanuel Duron

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Emmanuel Duron, was charged with a class A assault at around 11 am Friday morning at the hearing at the Edinburgh Municipal Court. Edinburgh High School footballer who rushed to the field to hit a referee on Thursday night is now facing assault charges.

Emmanuel Duron Age

He is 18 years old.

Incident Details

A $ 10,000 cash collateral bond was created for the player.

The incident occurred during a game between Edinburgh High School and PSJA High School at Richard R. Flores Stadium in Edinburgh, where referee Fred Gracia pulled out the flags for hardening the setter after the match. died and for talking to the official.

After leaving the field with the Edinburgh High School coach, Duron returned to the field and attacked the 59-year-old referee and blinded the referee with such force that he sent Gracia to the field he had sent him to the field several times. minutes before you gain the strength to stand up and walk away.

Gracia, a 27-year senior referee at the Texas Sports Authorities Association, was evaluated in an on-site ambulance for concussion symptoms and shoulder injury.

Duron is currently held in the county prison until he becomes a surety.

Emmanuel Duron Arrest & Charge

Things got really ugly at a Texas high school football game Thursday night. Fighting for a place in the playoffs, the Edinburg High Bobcats’ 35-21 victory over the Pharr-San Juan-Alamo High Bears was overshadowed by a field event you’ve never seen in the second quarter.

After being kicked out of back-to-back unsportsmanlike penalties, Edinburgh’s top defensive referee Emmanuel Duron returned to the field and the referee came to Fred Garcia. Duron controlled the 58-year-old referee at full speed and threw him onto the field. The Duron was also suspended for the remainder of last year’s 2019-20 football season after a similar incident on the pitch against crosstown rival Edinburgh Vela.

Leading the team in sacks (102) and sacks (eight), Duron was taken out of the stadium by a team of security guard Edinburgh policemen for the game. He was not handcuffed, but was taken out of the building and did not return.

Now, according to The Monitor, 18-year-old Duron was charged with class-A assault around 11 am Friday morning during a hearing at the Edinburgh Municipal Court. A $ 10,000 cash bond was established for the top football player.

Edinburgh CISD also made a statement after the event, with its decision to remove Bobcats from the playoffs.

The statement said, “The neighborhood decided to take the Edinburgh High School football team out of the playoffs after an unexpected incident involving a student at a football match on December 3, 2020.” “We sincerely apologize to the referee and his family. On behalf of the Edinburgh CISD Board of Trustees and administration, we apologize to the athletes, our staff and the school community.

“We will take appropriate disciplinary action when we understand the facts and circumstances that underline this incident. The district takes these issues very seriously; However, we cannot comment further on a pending investigation. ”

After the match, the head football coach of Edinburgh High School JJ Lejia was asked about the ugly incident.

“I cannot provide any information about this and I apologize for that,” Lejia said through the Monitor. “I hope you understand. I want this (the moment) to be about our schedule and all the other kids we have on the pitch tonight.”

As for Garcia, he was eventually able to get up on his own power and was taken to an ambulance outside the stadium where he was being evaluated for concussion-like symptoms. Garcia did not return to referee for the remainder of the match.