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Eric Gael Hernandez-Mendez

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Erick Gael Hernandez-Mendez is charged with murder and taken to the Wake County Detention Center. Police officers responded to the 1500 block of Hillsborough Street on Sunday, April 4th, after 20-year-old Christina Maria Matos was reported not to attend her birthday party.

A 20-year-old man was arrested on Wednesday (April 7th) in connection with the murder of his roommate, who was found dead in the bedroom of their shared apartment near North Carolina State University.

Eric Gael Hernandez-Mendez Age

He is 20 year old.

Eric Gael Hernandez-Mendez Arrest & Charge

We want to know what happened to Christina, her mother, Yolanda Matos, in tears on Monday afternoon. We want justice for him. At Matos’ family home in Clayton, grieving friends and family told ABC 11 that the murder suspect was the young woman’s roommate at Signature Apartments. The family says they don’t know Hernandez-Mendez well, but they remember meeting him for a short time when Matos helped him get out of his family’s house.

“This is a roommate. He lived in the apartment,” said Norma Matos. “Why?! Why?! When you live with your roommate, he’s your friend! You live with your friend. Work with your friend! Talk to your friend! Why?! Why?!” When news of the arrest came, Matos’ family was making funeral arrangements.

Christina Maria Matos
Christina Maria Matos

Matos’s father, Gerardo, with tears in his eyes, said he believed he was talking to his family from the other side. “He says ‘Justice for me,’ Gerardo said.” He says this. He may have done this, but maybe someone else helped open the door to his house or became an accomplice, “Gerardo said.” My daughter, my beautiful princess, was sleeping in her room when this happened. “” What was it? why? What motivated this man? I need to know what the reason is. What was the reason? “He added.

On Sunday, at 911, a caller reported that her daughter had disappeared. He spent the nights of April 2, 2021 celebrating with his friends. “It feels like a dream,” said friend Camila Romero, who saw her just before her disappearance. “It gets even harder when you are close to, you know, someone who only did work. If you meet his family, they were just so hard workers. They are immigrants, you know. We come here for a reason to really work.” Signature 1505 on Hillsborough Street, near NC State. He went to his house on the second floor, but this was the last person to see him alive.

Matos’s family said it was the first flat of the apartment their daughters shared with their roommates. He worked at Wake Technical Community College and took radiology lessons. The former athlete at Clayton High had many friends, but when Raleigh police detectives called his family, investigators started asking him who might want to hurt him.

“(Detective) came back and said, ‘Let me tell you something.’ I asked if they had found Christina and she said,” Yes, we found her. “I was excited and she was where she was and she said, ‘Sorry guys, we found Christina in her room and she died, “Yolanda Matos remembered crying. “Everything is going down in my life.”

RPD discovered her body in the locked bedroom just hours after her mother and brother went to check on her. His mother had a key to enter the apartment. But he couldn’t open his daughter’s locked bedroom door. “I want to scream! I want to shout.” Why? “I want to yell. Christina, why us?” Said Yolanda Matos. “We need justice. We need justice for Christina.”


Officers responded to the 1500 block of Hillsborough Street on Sunday after 20-year-old Matos was reported not to attend his birthday party on Saturday. He was a student at Wake Tech and had just turned 20 on Friday. His family said he went out to celebrate with friends on Friday night and this was his last seen.

We want to know what happened to Christina, her mother, Yolanda Matos, in tears on Monday afternoon. We want justice for him.

Matos’ brother and two friends confirmed that Hernandez-Mendez was himself a roommate.

Actually I knew the man. It was crazy. We went to school with him, ”said Tyrone Thompson. He said that he and Matos have been friends since their childhood. It makes me sick, it makes me sick.

On Wednesday, university students living in the area said they did not feel safe in light of the murder investigation, although Raleigh police said there was no ongoing threat.

His friends and family held a memorial service for Matos on Wednesday night.

We need justice. “We need to know who did this to Christina,” Matos’ father said.

Another watch was held on Thursday night. Friends and colleagues came together to share memories.

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