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Eric Matthew Braden
Eric Matthew Braden

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In a viral video on Twitter, a disabled veteran was attacked in a shopping mall for not wearing a mask. “This attack is disturbing at all levels because a disabled veteran is not wearing a mask. We have secured this nation and our freedoms, we are now under attack, ”he wrote. Twitter account Code of Vets, an experienced advocacy group, captioned the footage of the scene.

In the clip, the veteran was seen surrounded by security guards at North Star Mall in San Antonio. “What the fuck,” said one of the crowd, another said, “Get away from him.” The guards pushed the unmasked man into a glass shop window, and at one point they also held him inside another bystander, drowning stance.

“I’m a disabled veteran,” the man said in the video as he is slowly pulled to the floor. While he lay on his stomach on the floor, security guards and others pinned him down. “You’re f**king hurting him, b***hes,” a woman shouted. Later, the video panned to show the man sitting on the floor with his hands cuffed behind his back. At the same time, a woman was seen on the ground holding the back of her head as she lay slumped against the wall.

Eric Matthew Braden Viral Video

The San Antonio Police Department told the Washington Examiner that the man’s identity had been identified as Eric Matthew Braden. He was arrested after protesting at the AVM and not wearing a mask, and was charged with a private property crime. “Officers responded to the North Star Mall for an unplanned but organized protest event.”

“Mall security and a duty officer were encountered by a group of protesters who refused to wear a facemask, criminals were warned of trespassing and told to leave the property. The security and duty officer was forced to bring a man in custody trying to escalate the situation, but the remaining participants “He left without another incident.”


“The man was arrested for rape on private property and transferred to the University Hospital by EMS with complaints of pre-existing back injuries. All reports were made from the incident,” the police said. Said.

We previously reported that a healthcare professional was trying to reason in vain with a woman who refused to wear a mask at a CVS in Los Angeles, California. In the video that was uploaded by singer John Legend’s manager, Ty Stiklorius and has since gone viral, the unidentified woman claimed she didn’t need to wear a mask because she was healthy and had no symptoms. He also dared to call the police officers around him.


When she approached the shop counter and was faced with the immediate pushing back of the staff, the woman started arguing with them about the necessity for a mask and why she should be exempted from wearing a mask. “Doesn’t it occur to anyone that this doesn’t make sense?” said the woman. “Should healthy people be treated like sick?”

He also refused to follow the rules like everyone else and insisted that he could not be forced to abide by either the shop’s policies or the authority of the state. “Why should I follow the nonsense rule?” she asked. “Why should I be treated like a sick person?” She later claimed she had a “right to receive services” despite her refusal to comply with the company’s policies.