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Esther Dingley
Esther Dingley

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37-year-old Esther Dingley has been traveling Europe in her minivans with her partner Dan Colegate since 2014. Fears are rising for a British woman who reportedly disappeared on a solo hiking trip in the Pyrenees – widespread search by the authorities did not find her.
After they were both diagnosed with depression and Mr. Colgate survived a meat-eating virus, they both quit their jobs and embark on a year-long journey around the continent.

Esther Dingley Age

Esther Dingley she is 37 years old.

Fast Facts

  • British Esther Dingley, 37 went missing while on a hiking trip on the Pyrenees  
  • Last Sunday she sent a photo of herself from  the Pic de Sauvegarde mountain to her partner Dan Colegate and hasn’t been seen or heard since
  • The couple have been travelling in Europe in their van with their dogs since 2014

Esther Dingley Missing

The couple, who had been together for 18 years, quit their jobs, quit their Durham and bought a caravan to travel around Europe after Mr. Colegate nearly died of a flesh-eating bacterial infection and both were diagnosed with depression.

However, Ms. Dingley left her boyfriend in Gasconia, France last month and set out to complete her mountain hiking adventure on her own.

The two most recently spoke via WhatsApp on Sunday, November 22, when Ms. Dingley sent a photo of the Pic de Sauvegarde mountain on the France-Spain border.

But now, despite ‘thorough scans’ by helicopters and sniffing dogs in the countryside where he was last seen, no trace of him has been found since then.
Mr. Colegate said his disappearance left him “broken and shattered.”

He told the BBC that his partner had been away for a month before disappearing and their last conversation was about ‘how excited we were to see each other as it was his last trip before he returned’

It is believed that Ms. Dingley left Benasque, Spain on Saturday and plans to spend Sunday night in Refuge Venasque, France.

Writing about her climbing adventures on Facebook days before she disappeared, Ms. Dingley recounted how she found herself “racing in the air” during a hike and forcing her “comfort zone” when going out alone in difficult conditions.

The distraught wife shared the last picture she sent her in an emotional defense on Facebook: ‘I’m broken. He was shattered when he told me that my dear Esther, who taught me how to feel, was missing.
It was last seen six days ago when he sent me this photo. Search and rescue teams have found no trace of him so far.

In the area where Mrs. Dingley goes for a walk, it snows at night and night temperatures can drop to minus 2C.

Climbing and hiking accidents are common in the region, especially on mountain roads where rocks can be easily dislodged.

In July 2017, a 31-year-old French woman died in front of her husband after she was released and rolled over a rock she was tied to for support.
Local PGHM High Mountain police in Bagnères de Luchon made a statement saying they were ‘actively searching’ for Ms. Dingley.

This hiker went to the mountains at Luchonnais on Sunday, November 22nd, and planned to return on Wednesday, November 25th.

The area for walking stretches from the port of La Gl èrere to the port of Venasque (French and Spanish slopes).

Anyone who sees or passes this hiker is invited to contact Bagn èresres de Luchon PGHM at
“The only purpose of this message is to protect human life.”

The couple has been traveling with their five dogs since 2014 and documented their trip through their ‘Esther and Dan’ blog.

According to their Facebook page, the couple said, ‘a health scare motivated us to quit our job and go on a tour of Europe on foot, by bike and by caravan.

They lived in France, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Slovenia and Liechtenstein.

They spent the summers at the altitudes of the Alps and the Pyrenees, and the winters in the warmer climates of Spain.

Mr. Colegate said, ‘He always tried to keep in touch, but sometimes their walk was uncommunicative for several days.
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