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Ethan Melzer
Ethan Melzer

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Ethan Melzer, a private 22-year-old army from Louisville, Kentucky, is accused of plotting to conspire and kill US citizens, murder and kill soldiers, financial support and kill terrorists. And DoJ, who was crippled in a foreign country, announced on Monday.

Ethan Melzer Age

He is 22 years old.

Ethan Melzer Charge & Arrest

A US Army soldier was conspiring with a British occultist neo-Nazi group to attack and kill members of their military unit, according to a new unsealed indictment by the Ministry of Justice.

“As alleged, Ethan Melzer, who was special in the US Army, was an enemy inside,” said Audrey Strauss, an American lawyer for Audrey Strauss, the southern district of New York. “It is alleged that Melzer has illegally exposed his location, strength and weapons to a neo-Nazi, anarchist, white supremacist group and tries to organize a lethal ambush in his unit.” Federal prosecutor Strauss replaced Geoffrey Berman in the office at the weekend after Berman’s firing by US chief prosecutors Bill Barr and Donald Trump.

According to the BBC, four British teens who had links with O9A last year were imprisoned for terrorist crimes, and one was convicted of planning a terrorist attack. The charges allege that the soldier provided the O9A with information about US troops placed abroad. According to an NBC report, the US advocacy group South Poverty Law Center described the group as the “secret neo-Nazi” organization, and British lawmakers demanded that the group formed there be banned.

Ethan Melzer Career

According to DoJ, Melzer was a member of the Nine Angle Order (O9A), a group whose members deal with violence and murder. According to DoJ, “O9A members and partners have embraced violence, neo-Nazi, anti-Semitic and Satanic beliefs, and expressed their admiration for both Nazis like Adolf Hitler and Islamic jihadists like Osama Bin Laden”. O9A emerged as a fringe group in England in the 1960s and has been influential among violent neo-Nazi and white nationalist groups in recent years. In March, Hope Not Hate called on the British Interior Ministry to ban the group.