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Eve Black

Eve Black Wiki – Eve Black Bio

Eve Black is a woman who refused to tell Melbourne police officers where she was going while passing a coronavirus checkpoint hits back and says ‘I regret nothing’ – as cops threaten to fine the ‘selfish’ driver

The police threatened to punish a woman who was praised to pass through the Melbourne COVID-19 checkpoint without telling the officers where she was going.


Eve Black Facebook Video Goes Viral

Eve Black seemed to boast of circumventing one of the police barricades in a video she uploaded to Facebook – but since then removed – she refused to give details to where the officer went. I don’t have to answer your questions, ”Ms. Black said to the police. “Did I commit a crime?” The police officer in the video replied, “No, it is going on” before waving the woman from the checkpoint.

Eve Black What is the real story of Viral Video?

Eve Black from Melbourne filmed herself by passing an officer at a police barrier on Thursday.

When the officer asked her where she was going and why she was trying to leave, Ms. Black simply told her that she did not need to share this information.

The clerk finally shook him, laughing and celebrating.

Ms. Black has been widely condemned after posting the video, and now she can find herself in trouble after catching the attention of Victoria’s police commissioner.

“Our members are there all day and are working hard to keep our community safe all night,” Deputy Commissioner Rick Nugent said on Friday. Said.

“ It was a selfish and childish act … ridiculous, unnecessary.

If that woman lived in that area or had a good reason to be in that area, she would be allowed.

‘If not, it breaks the law.’

Eve Black Viral Video and Police Investigations

Mr. Nugent said that the police will investigate the matter and impose a fine if it is found to violate the coronavirus restrictions.

“I’m sure Victoria Police members will be looking forward to knocking the door,” said Police Minister Lisa Neville.

“Whether you try to go through the barricade, try not to wear a mask, or try to party, Victoria Police will be there.”

Mrs. Black, who previously stated that COVID-19 is a ‘SCAMdemic’, deleted all social media accounts after the video.

Despite the widespread response, Melburnian said he regretted ‘nothing’.

I have acc (sic) customization because I have better jobs than a sandbag for your fear, ‘he wrote online.

I don’t regret anything, I’m just sick of abuse and threats.

“Wake up, sleeper,” wrote a sheep emoji.


What Eve Black Black said in her viral video?

In the viral video, Ms. Black asked the officer trying to leave her suburb, whether she ‘disturbed the peace’.

“No,” the officer replied. “I just asked what was the reason for you leaving today?”

Mrs. Black replied: ‘I don’t have to say this. I do not know you. ‘

Initially, the officer continued. “Where did you come from,” he asked again.

‘I don’t have to answer your questions. Did I commit a crime? Did I commit a crime? he asked twice.

Instead of answering his question, the officer shook Ms. Black from the checkpoint.

“Just go ahead,” he said to him and as he let the passenger pass.


Finally Eve Black Admitted

Ms. Black admitted she was ‘nervous as heck’ as she approached the checkpoint, but encouraged her friends and family to ‘know their rights’ during the crash.

“I just read from the page and could clearly see that it wasn’t worth the trouble,” she explained.

The page in question explained the statements people should try to stop locking when stopped by officers.

Ms. Black was also heavily criticized by Former Treasurer Wayne Swan, who said she would not laugh when she ends at ICU.

“ It pisses me off watching it, stupid and disrespectful, ” he said on Friday morning at The Today Show.

He says he finally feels good. It will not feel very good in intensive care. ‘

Ms. Swan Statement about Eve Black viral video

Mr. Swan said that 99 percent of Australians comply with the rules, but there are few who refuse to maintain their own security.

“There are some people who don’t understand, and some people who think they’re on some strange television show,” he said.

“But they’re playing with people’s lives. Such people should have the book blow at them. ‘

The police encounter comes with Victoria’s 300 new cases of coronavirus on Friday and the state’s record of the highest six-six deaths ever.

There are nine vehicle checkpoints to implement the latest crash and a series of mobile patrols set by Victoria Police on key roads in Melbourne and Mitchell Shire.

Residents living in locked areas are only allowed to leave their home for four approved reasons – food, exercise, work or work or medical care.

Those who violate orders will be hit with a fine of $ 1,652, a violation of 262 issued at checkpoints since July 8.

Phillip Gallo of Rose Lawyers and conveyances said the Daily Mail Australia police have the right to fine those who do not wear masks under the forces associated with Victoria’s State of Emergency.

“It is not a technically enacted law, but under the power order of the emergency,” he said.

“The government has the authority to make directives and implement it.”

He said that people who refused to wear masks could be fined under existing restrictions.

Key Facts You must need to Know about Eve Black

  •  Residents in Melbourne’s locked down suburbs can drive through checkpoints
  • Eve Black uploaded video of her refusing to answer police questions 
  • She was eventually waved through the checkpoint despite offering no details  
  • Footage was discussed on Friday’s Today Show where she was heavily criticised
  • Police commissioner said she will be fined if she breached restrictions