Extensive Operation In Catalonia Against Independent all about guard operation by the CDR

Extensive Operation In Catalonia

Investigators look for evidence to demonstrate the actions of detainees in terrorist projects for secessionist purposes La Guarida Civil has launched an extensive operation in Catalonia against the members of the self-appointed Defense Committees of the Republic, CDR. So far there have been nine arrests of alleged members of these cells. In addition, records are being made where agents have seized precursors for making explosives that could be used in actions against targets selected by the CDR.

In addition, in the homes, they have also seized abundant documentation and computer equipment.

The operation is directed by court 6 of the National Court and the Prosecutor.

It is aimed, as research sources point out, to clarify the criminal activities carried out by the CoR.

Investigators are looking for evidence to show the actions of detainees in terrorist projects for secessionist purposes.

Investigators now act by being convinced that the CDRs were preparing actions with “lethal capacity” during the period between the anniversary of the self-appointed referendum of self-determination of 1-O and the announcement of the ‘procés’ judgment.

According to investigators, the actions they planned to carry out at that time the CDRs could have caused victims.

The investigation is still open and is under summary secrecy.