Who is Fahim Saleh Killer? Tyrese Devon Haspil Wiki, Bio, Age, Family, Career, Net Worth, Many More Facts

Fahim Saleh Killer Tyrese Devon Haspil
Fahim Saleh Killer Tyrese Devon Haspil

Fahim Saleh Killer Tyrese Devon Haspil Biography

Tyrese Devon Haspil was selected as a 21-year-old suspect in the terrible dismemberment murder of Fahim Saleh, a technical millionaire who did business in Nigeria before his body parts were located near an electric saw in the luxury Manhattan apartment.

The New York Times reported that Haspil was arrested and described him as the “personal assistant” of Saleh. According to The Times, Haspil was arrested and expected to be charged with murder. Haspil is a self-defining “entrepreneur” who graduated from Long Island High School, competes in web design business competitions and runs on the track.

Tyrese Devon Haspil Age

He is 21 years old.

However, while Saleh built a fortune in tech start-ups and a joke website, Haspil, also an avid entrepreneur, has fallen to work for him, and a business theft may have provided a reason for a terrible massacre.

The crime scene was terrible. Salih was cut off and smashed next to the chainsaw in the condo.
“There’s a trunk, a removed head, arms, and legs. Everything is still on stage. ”NYPD spokesman Sergeant Carlos Nieves told New York Daily News, which reported the body was Saleh. According to the newspaper, a video might have caught a man wearing a suit that went into the elevator with Saleh just before meeting the foul game.

Salih’s arms and legs were cut with “surgical precision” according to the New York Post and placed in bags. The newspaper initially described the scene as “professional”, saying the killer kept the blood “in an almost perfect draft” in a corner.

The friends told Daily News that Salih seemed “happy-lucky” and was not afraid of anything. He set up a number of companies in a prank search app and a motorcycle ride sharing company from his site.

One of my friends told ABC7: “I have never met someone like him, he is always a very good friend who is always on the move, extremely positive, refreshing, half full of glass, just always always there for you.”

Authorities Believe the Motive Stems From Haspil Being Accused of Stealing Money From Saleh

According to The New York Times, detectives believe that Saleh “discovered that the assistant stole tens of thousands of dollars” and was a reason for the murder. Times reported that Saleh did not report the theft allegation to the police, but asked Haspil to repay the money. The New York Post claimed the theft was $ 100,000 and “benefited” from Haspil’s repayment plan.

“It was a charitable act that turned into a murder act,” Source told Post.

Authorities did not approve the details reported in The Times, including Haspil’s name and his arrest. Times also reported that investigators believed that Salih was killed the day before the dismember, stunned with a Taser and then stabbed to the neck and torso, and the killer returned to the circle to throw the body. The killer also used a portable vacuum cleaner to clean the scene, according to the newspaper.

According to the New York Daily News, on July 14, when the police found the police in Saleh’s “condo, headless body” in luxury condos, it came. The New York Times reported that Salih’s sister discovered the murder when she went “to check her out after not hearing about him for about a day”.

Daily News reported that the chainsaw lay next to the remains. The condo is on East Houston Avenue, on Suffolk Street, on the lower east side of Manhattan.According to the Daily News, police recently found contractor bags. Newspaper Saleh reported that last year he bought condos for $ 2.25 million. “The limbs and head were packed in bags in the living room,” ABC7 said.

Haspil Worked for Saleh’s Venture Capital Firm as His Chief of Staff

According to the New York Post, Haspil “worked as chief of staff at Saleh’s venture capital company Adventure Capital, but served as his personal assistant.”

Police described Haspil with “anti-felon ID cards written like confetti in Salih’s house”. AFID cards are small, colored labels inside most Taser cartridges printed with serial numbers. When Taser is deployed, 20 to 30 AFID cards are issued, according to Taser manufacturer Axon, and allow law enforcement officers to track the stun gun used.

According to NBC New York, the remnants of Saleh were discovered by his sister who might have cut the killer because the chainsaw was still attached. “The investigators believe that his sister’s welfare control interrupts the breakup and escapes the suspect’s service,” the television channel quoted Saleh as quoted by a friend of the developing world named Elon Musk.

Video Shows the Suit-Clad Killer Got Into an Elevator With Saleh

Surveillance video in an elevator can give clues to the killer. According to Daily Beast, officials said it looked like “Grim Reaper”.

The video shows that Saleh got into the elevator, “immediately followed by a second man wearing a suit, wearing gloves, a hat and a mask over his face.” very professional. “The New York Post accused Haspil of being the second man in the elevator.

Salih fell when the elevator door opened, but the reason is unclear. ABC7 reported that Saleh had a video with his “killer”.

The New York Post reported that the killer seemed to be choosing another elevator floor. Instead, he followed Salih to his own apartment, where the elevator was opened directly. According to the Post, the assassin was dressed completely black. The New York Times described the killer as “wearing a black three-piece suit, white shirt and tie, wearing a black mask and carrying a gym bag.”

Saleh also listed himself as co-founder of Adventure Capital in New York.

He was the CEO of KickBack Apps, a fun-focused app company, for five years. The current applications are listed as “PrankDial, PrankPad, Textr”.

For two years he was a YEC member and founder and investor of Pathao in Bangladesh. He described it as “the best financed venture in Bangladesh with a value of over $ 100 million recently”. “He attacked multiple vertical areas, including transportation, food, delivery and payments,” he said.

Saleh was the founding manager of HackHouse, a “technology-focused incubator / venture factory in Bangladesh” and developed the “best prank call ever – PrankDial” as the CEO of TapFury. He was vice president of WizTeen, a “network of websites targeting young people.” His undergraduate degree is CIS from Bentley University.

A man who advised Linkedin wrote: “Fahim Saleh is one of the brightest young entrepreneurs I have met and worked with. Fahim constantly challenges the status quo by creating new initiatives and constantly brainstorming innovative business models. When I was at Bentley University, I enjoyed building a company with Fahim and I hadn’t met a better partner back then. I strongly recommend Fahim for everything related to technology, entrepreneurs or business development. ”

What directs the authorities to Haspil? According to the Daily Beast, “message exchanges that Saleh accused of stealing tens of thousands of dollars over a period of time” caught the attention of the researchers. They made a background check on Haspil’s credit card and discovered that he used his card to buy the saw and cleaning materials used after the murder and paid his card to go to and from the crime scene Daily Monster claim, citing a source.

In addition, New York Daily News said, “A Taser fork found in Saleh’s body had a serial number linking the murder to Haspil.

New York’s Tyrese Haspil has Instagram and Twitter accounts, but it’s private. Haspil graduated from Long Island’s Valley Stream Central High School on a Facebook page. The Daily Beast reported that it looks just like Tyrese Haspil. Haspil also had a website called an LLC.

His Facebook page said he graduated from high school in 2017 and was single. Online profiles show that Haspil is doing athletics in high school.

An old Twitter account named Haspil contains this 2012 tweet: “I’m thinking of being a bloody panda for Halloween. k? ” According to LIHerald, while in high school in 2016, Haspil competed in the web design at the New York State Leadership Convention of the United States in Rochester, New York. He won first place. See a high school presentation that it helps create here. Finally he has a photo.

In an article about Medium, Saleh explained how he started. “In 2009, I graduated from the University of Bentley, the tough job market created by the recession,” he wrote.

“I have applied to several companies in New York (option A) and Boston (option B) by continuing the big city life. But the only offer was from a company in a small town outside Boston. Although the location is not what I was looking for, I knew that if a better probability does not occur soon, I should probably buy it. ”

“Youngsters, teenhangout.com and free AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) had launched a website offering friend icons or avatars,” he wrote in high school. Soon, they were making $ 200,000 a year, but competition made this reduction.

He always liked the growing jokes, and that made an idea. “Even when I grew up, I had a passion for a good joke. When I thought I could ask for a potential future project, I created the PrankDial.com domain when I created teenhangout.com and other sites ”.

Saleh created the joke site and took off. “I recorded several prank call MP3s in different voices, uploaded them, and created a system that allowed a user to choose the prank call scenario they wanted, then enter their friend’s phone number and call a friend with him. From there, I spread the word to several websites and watched it win the traction. ”He wrote. An application has been created for this.