Five Children Shot At North Beach : North Beach Shooting

Five Children Shot At North Beach : North Beach Shooting
Five Children Shot At North Beach : North Beach Shooting

Five Children Shot At North Beach

Five people have been hospitalized following a North Beach shooting in Racine, near Milwaukee, Wisconsin. A disturbing video has emerged on Facebook and YouTube about the shooting, which occurred last night. Viewer discretion is recommended.

A woman can be heard in the video saying “This baby is shot, y’all. Whose kid is this? Whose baby is this? He got on glasses. He is shot, y’all. He hit.

“It’s another baby hit, y’all. Who is this?

“They hit. It’s two … three kids hit … kids, y’all, these are kids.”

Another woman can be heard saying “They’re not letting the girl’s mama go in the car with her.”

“These babies out here, hit. Kids. Shot. Y’all, this sad. Come get y’all kids. They out here at the beach, hit. Shot. Three babies, three kids, under 12. This is a baby. He is shot. Three of ’em.”

At 3:12, a woman can be heard screaming, “That’s my son,” as police move her away from the scene.

“They won’t let her get to her baby, that’s f****d up,” says the first woman.

Five minutes into the video, emergency responders can be seen attending to another victim.
“Another baby got shot (a little boy) by the sand,” the first woman says.

“They’re carrying somebody from by the water. That’s number four. A little girl was shot in her head. This is sad. I feel for these babies. Four kids, a little girl was shot in her head.

“It was over 30 shots. It was at least six people shooting. At least … The little girl got shot in the head. Three boys got shot, and one girl.

“One got found over there by the Oasis, no one knew he was there. Four children, under the age of 15. They over there stretched on the floor, still, because there’s not even enough room in the ambulance.

“I want to cry, how sad this is … and they won’t even let these babies to their mamas.

“Everyone who was shooting got away. It was at least 15 shooters.

“One of them just went into cardiac arrest. They don’t even know if the girl is going to make it. She just kept screaming for her mama. This little boy shot in his leg, they still got him in the grass.”

Another video has appeared on social media that appears to show the timing of the shooting. Nearby shots and a woman’s screams are heard as she flees the scene. The publication’s title reads: “My son and his girlfriend are safe and at home in my house. They saw the shooting in North Beach in Racine. This video is from his girlfriend’s phone. I am speechless.”

Police Statement

The statement confirmed that five victims were transported to a hospital. He said the condition and identities of the victims are unknown at this time. An active investigation into the incident is ongoing. Reporting live from the scene, Jordan said police had established a command post. A senior police adviser said they were investigating, and that the entire area, including all entrances to the beach, had been recorded for the investigation, with armed officers guarding the perimeter. The witness Tanya Calderón heard shots fired at multiple victims.

“I was down here with my family. There was a whole bunch of young kids, someone instigated something. This fool pulls out his gun and just starts spraying the whole crowd … a little girl that was walking with me, 17, got shot in her arm. A boy got shot in his arm. I couldn’t do nothing but fall down and put pressure on him, while my kids were out there,” Calderon told TMJ News.

Local media reported that the shooting occurred “in a parking lot near the Kids Cove playground and North Beach Oasis at the southern tip of North Beach along Lake Michigan.” A Fox News report by Bill Miston said there was no indication that the shooting had anything to do with George Floyd’s “peaceful” protests at the nearby Racine County Courthouse: