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Florida Kare
Florida Kare

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According to TMZ, Florida Karen goes viral after saying “good little slave” to a black woman wearing a face mask while getting on the public bus. Meg Charleton was featured on social media about the July 9 match and took place at a bus stop in Pasco County, Florida.

She explained that an unknown woman who does not have a 30-year-old woman and three children is waiting at the stop. When the bus arrived, Charleton put his mask on the ship, wrote on Twitter. The woman later criticized her by calling her “slave”.

Florida Kare Viral Video

Charleton, after calling the female slurry, was said to be “Just a” good little slave “. #KarenOfTheDay then claims to be Mexican. What’s really going on? ”

The video has been viral since then and has been posted to a large number of social media accounts. Charleton’s Twitter video has over 11,000 views.

Although the beginning of the change has not been demonstrated, it is heard that Charleton asked the woman to confirm whether he was referring to him horny.
“You just told me, be a good little slave,” she says. “Are you telling me to be a colorful woman, a good slave?

The stranger then doubled his reaction and responded by saying, “You are wearing your mask like all other slaves.”

Most women on Twitter called the woman “Florida Karen”, who condemned her ignorance.

The term “Karen” emerged as an insult for “white women being immortalized on the viral videos in which they are unwittingly starring,” Newsone writes.

Florida Karen’ Defended Her Use of the Word ‘Slave,’ Citing

The woman said in the video, “I am a colorful woman too. I am a Mexican woman, when I was pressured by Charleton to use the term “slave”.

Charleton then tells the woman that there is no excuse and that her tongue is offensive.

The video ends by claiming that “Karen” is “there is no such thing as a different race” before the two women get on the bus.

Pasco County Issued an Executive Order

According to Unilad, the order was placed by Pasco County Manager Dan Biles and requires the use of “face coverings in a closed public business or county government facility” to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

According to the New York Times database, US cases continue to increase with at least 132,200 deaths, while states such as New York, California, Delaware, and New Jersey have announced state-wide mask requirements. NorthJersey.com announced on Wednesday that it wanted to wear face masks while in New Jersey’s outdoor groups.

The manager order also changed the open-air dining rules, allowing restaurants to open 50 percent of the wall spaces outdoors. The Government of New York, Andrew Cuomo, issued a valid order on April 17, which requires the use of face masks in a public place and cannot maintain social distance.