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Franz Schoening
Franz Schoening

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The Franz Schoening badge 41832 was identified as a lieutenant in the Portland Police Bureau (PPB), which was seen in the video that puts the phone from the protester’s hand into the window of the PPA building. The image showing the broken window was used as a reason to declare riot and gas people.

Franz Schoening Macks Protester’s Phone

In the Tweet, Portland Police shared three images that matched the officer’s phone at the window of a building. Tweet, “Some of the items thrown at the officers include paint, ball bearings and glass bottles, all of which constitute a crime.”

Early on Tuesday morning, July 14, Portland Police declared an uprising outside of Portland Police Union headquarters. Officers reported that they had made some arrests, as protesters blocked nearby streets. PPB tweeted around 10 am: “Another arrest was attempted, and others intervened and fought with the police to release the arrested matter,” he said. Just before 12:30, they reported more arrests, but no details were given about the arrests.

Franz Schoening Apperead

Franz Schoening answered questions before June 3 about how they reacted to the current protests to George Floyd’s death. He showed the equipment he carried, from protective equipment to crowd control, to FOX 12.
The information said that when the police needed to disperse a crowd, the first thing they tried was communication. But in a protest mess he says people don’t always hear the sound truck.

“If communication doesn’t work and we continue to see this behavior, we should consider alternatives … alternative is physical strength,” Schoening said.
At KG, Schoening said most of the protesters over the last six nights were peaceful. Despite the organizers’ efforts to keep things under control, there is a small group that creates problems.

“They’re doing their best to get the rest of the crowd – just the small group that wants to fight the police and destroy something – they’re trying to make them change their behavior, and they can’t.” “And when we try to change their behavior, we unfortunately get other community members who are caught in the mix.”