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Gabriela Lima Santana

Gabriela Lima Santana Wiki – Gabriela Lima Santana Bio

According to local media reports, Gabriela Lima Santana, 21, was brutally murdered in a bathroom in front of the camera to fit in the small case, in dubious retaliation against a rival gang.

Filming the dismemberment of a woman’s body before stuffing her suitcase, a Gang was caught digging into the body of a JCB and the police saw a copy of the disgusting video.

Gabriela Lima Santana Age

Gabriela Lima Santana is 21 years old.

Gang ‘who Filmed Themselves Chopping Up Woman Before Stuffing

The tragic young woman was reported missing on March 13 – the day before her birthday – but it is believed that she disappeared much earlier.

His body was dumped in a drainage ditch on March 24 before being found by city council employees who were using a mechanical digger to remove garbage from a pit in Capao da Canoa in southern Brazil.

One of Gabriela’s arms allegedly jumped out while trying to unload luggage in front of the horrified employees before JCB landed in the water eerily and surfaced in the city of Canoas.

The victim’s head, torso, legs, and arms were also removed from the bag by forensic experts, according to the Caboco news site.

Police said there were two kitchen knives and saws in the trunk, believed to be tools used to maim the 21-year-old.

Hora da Noticicia reported that there were stones in the bag to sink.

Caboco reported that Gabriela was identified by her distinctive tattoos and fingerprints allegedly associated with a local gang.

The gruesome discovery then led detectives in the murder division to a new investigation line regarding a shocking video they received on March 1, showing a woman’s body being smashed in a bathroom.

Apparently a series of garbage bags containing Gabriela’s body parts have been knocked down, while a smiling assassin allegedly appears in disturbing footage ripping the body of a woman.

It is unknown who made the video and how it was obtained by the police.

The investigation, attempting to establish its authenticity, led officers to an apartment in the Rio Branco neighborhood where a suspect was arrested.

Police believe the murder also occurred on the property, which is reportedly linked to local criminal gangs.

A 49-year-old man reportedly identified from the footage and a 23-year-old man who allegedly recorded the clip were arrested.

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