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Garrett Foster
Garrett Foster

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The victim was identified as her mother, Sheila, who was speaking to Good Morning America on Sunday as Garrett Foster.

A Black Lives Matter protest, which was shot and killed during a demonstration in Texas by a driver heading towards the crowd before opening fire on Saturday night, pushed his underbelly fiancee into his wheelchair a few minutes before shooting.

Foster’s mother said that her son had participated in several peaceful protests with her four-year-old fiancee Whitney Mitchell. Sheila said she pushed Foster’s fiance just before he was shot deadly.

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Garrett Foster Shot Dead

Police spokesperson Katrina Ratliff told reporters early Sunday that during a protest in Austin, the fire took place just before 22:00. During the demonstration, a vehicle was honed, closed a road, and then accelerated towards the protesters, says Michael Capochiano. Vehicle protesters shouted, and Foster approached the vehicle carrying a rifle, Capochiano recalled.

Then, according to Capochiano, the driver squeezed a gun from the car window and fired several shots, hitting the rifle before hitting the man. But according to Foster’s mother, the man ‘got out of his car and started shooting and my son was shot three times’.
Foster was later taken to a local hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Sheila told GMA that she wouldn’t be surprised if her son was carrying a gun because he had a license to carry it and probably ‘felt the need to protect himself’. Ratliff said a suspect was arrested in relation to fire and cooperated with the police.

The Black Lives Matter show was broadcast live on Facebook and captured the sound of a vehicle’s horn. The images posted during Facebook Live showed a few shots over the moment as a group of about 100 people walked and punched! to resist! ‘

No other deaths or injuries were reported. No information other than the police or EMS was immediately available.

The protesters took to the streets all over the United States during the night and led to clashes with police in the midst of a wave of public anger over Donald Trump’s ‘planning’ federal agents to large cities.

Demonstrations against racism and police brutality fired two months ago with the death of unarmed African-American George Floyd in Minneapolis are Trump’s increasingly challenging war for re-election and campaigning on a ‘law and order’ platform.

Many, such as Democrats from Chicago, such as Democrats, who accused Trump of growing the problem for political gain, faced harsh resistance from mayors. I drew a very difficult line. We will not allow federal troops in our city, ‘said Lightfoot about the CNN’s’ Union State’.

‘We cannot tolerate anonymous agents taking people off the street and violating their rights and detaining them.’

Protesters marched in Austin, Texas and Louisville, Kentucky; New York; Omaha, Nebraska; Richmond in California Oakland and Los Angeles and Virginia. In Seattle, police arrested 45 people on the night of violent protests when demonstrators opened trailers by a construction site for a youth detention facility. Protesters cut the car tires and smashed the trailer windows and asked the police to declare a riot and clean the streets with tear gas and flash blast bombs.