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Gisele Barreto
Gisele Barreto

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Gisele Barreto Fetterman, Pennsylvania’s second wife, was subjected to racial harassment during a visit to a grocery store.

Fetterman, 38, wife of the state’s Democratic governor, John Fetterman, told Newsweek on Sunday that state troops “sneaked out” to buy kiwi without security information.

Gisele Barreto Fetterman, Pennsylvania’s second wife, told her that she was called the N-word by an unidentified woman at a grocery store – the incident was filmed and shared on her Twitter page. Gisele, wife of Governor Lieutenant John Fetterman, immigrated to the United States from Brazil as a child. The co-founder of 412 Food Rescue, a not-for-profit organization, went grocery shopping without security personnel on Sunday, October 11, when an unidentified woman shouted at her and said things like this. “And” you don’t belong here. ”

After harassing her racistically, the woman continued shopping, leaving Gisele frozen and shocked. He immediately paid for the shopping and went to his car. However, it was reported that the work was not finished as she approached Gisele again while sitting in the woman’s car. But to record the woman leaning towards her car, she took off her phone, took off her mask, and said, “You’re a z–” The second verbal attack reportedly left Gisele to tears. He then called the security team and apologized for leaving on his own. Then I called John and cried the rest of the night and let it through my system. But there is comfort in knowing that this is by no means a sense of majority, ”said The Philadelphia Inquirer as reported.

Posted Video on Twitter

Gisele shared the video on Twitter with a message like this: “* TRIGGER WARNING * I love to love this country, but we are in a very deep split. I ran to the local grocery store and was greeted and verbally attacked by this woman who repeatedly told me I didn’t belong here. The conflict continued in the parking lot, where I was finally able to catch up after the crying subsided. This behavior and this hate are taught. If you know him, your neighbor or relative, please teach his love instead. ”

The philanthropist claimed that such behavior was encouraged by the country’s top leaders, who never hesitate to showcase their racist side. “We see people in high places behaving in a certain way, then maybe that would encourage. I don’t know if it is more public now or is it more public now. It is scary that people have such a blind hatred of what is different, and I am raising three children in this world, ”he said.” I love this country. It has never changed. It makes me want to fight so much for my country. ”

Lots of people on Twitter have expanded their support for Gisele with a post, “Don’t take Gisele personally. This c *** isn’t worth your time or your feelings. Some people can’t be compensated. I’m sorry I’m not there to help you because I give you my names. He would have to pass me to say. Fascists. “A second user,” Trump’s America. By saying this out loud, they feel safe. My concern with Gisele is that after removing the cancerous dictator from power, these people will host this hatred and still feel courageous. This is disgusting. ”

“I wish someone that knew her would call her out. She was brave enough to attack when you were by yourself. Wonder if she’s brave enough to own up to it. We know she’s not. Disgusting. This is really bothering me. You do so much good and help so many. Makes me want to cry,” tweeted a third user. While the fourth one added, “This is the society that we have created by allowing a person like Donald trump in office.. I blame all politicians for this. We have taken steps back socially, economically and emotionally as a country..We have been successfully been divided causing us to fight against ourselves.”