Glenn Greenwald launching new media outlet? Here’s the Biden story that led him to quit The Intercept

Glenn Greenwald launching new media outlet
Glenn Greenwald launching new media outlet

Investigative journalist Glenn Greenwald resigned from the news site Intercept he founded and claimed that the media outlet was trying to censor him for a planned article criticizing Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden. The journalist was part of The Guardian USA team that broke the reporting story of Edward Snowden in 2013.

Greenwald mentioned his resignation in a statement posted on Substack, an online platform. Greenwald said in his long article: “The final, accelerating reason is that Intercept’s editors censored an article I wrote this week and refused to publish it unless I removed all critical chapters, in violation of my contractual right to freedom of publication. The candidate is strongly supported by New York-based Intercept editors. ”

He also posted a draft of the Biden article in question on Substack and a note with the note: “Here I am publishing the latest draft of my article on Joe and Hunter Biden – the last one the Intercept editors saw before telling me this was the great structural they refuse to publish it because there are no changes, and they just leave a narrow article criticizing media outlets. “The headline was:” REAL SCANDAL: US MEDIA USES WRONG BOOKS TO DEFEND JOE BIDEN FOR HUNTER’S EMAIL ”

Editor-in-Chief Betsy Reed told The Washington Post in an email: “It is absolutely not true that Glenn Greenwald was asked to remove all parts of his article criticizing Joe Biden. He was asked by Joe Biden to back up his claims and implications of corrupt acts with evidence. “The statement also said,” He was the one who tried to recycle the suspicious claims of a political campaign – the Trump campaign – while accusing us of political prejudice and to acquit it as journalism. “The Washington Post article stated that Greenwald has criticized mainstream media in recent years, notably, Tucker Carlson notes that he has become a regular guest on his show.

On Thursday, October 29, Greenwald told Carlson that the left supports the attempt to destroy Donald Trump. He said, “So the CIA and the deep state agent have become the heroes of the liberal left, the people who support the democratic party. Now the neocons and Bush Cheney agents are in complete alliance with the CIA, Silicon Valley, and Wall Street.” Also, “All in the upcoming elections. The alliance of forces and mainstream media organizations that are fully behind the democratic party will take over if not at least one government branch. And this is a very worrying proposal because the authorities believe in the censorship and suppression of information that reveals them in any critical light. ”

“Before the extraordinary experience of being censored by my own news outlet this week, I was already exploring the possibility of forming a new media outlet,” he said online. The Intercept said Greenwald has no doubt that he will “launch a new media initiative without collaborating with the editors – this is the age of Substack and Patreon.” “In this context, it makes business sense for Glenn to position himself as the last true protector of investigative journalism and to slander his longtime colleagues and friends as partisan pirates,” he said. We understand. But the facts are facts, and The Intercept’s fearless, meticulous, independent journalistic track record shows itself. ”

The intercept was founded in 2013 by Greenwald, Laura Poitras, and Jeremy Scahill with the support of eBay billionaire Pierre Omidyar. The 2013 Forbes report stated that Omidyar is ready to spend $ 250 million on news sources. Although her personal net worth is unknown, Greenwald crashed a 2017 article claiming ArticleBio’s net worth was $ 8.5 billion. Greenwald said in 2018, “Andrew McCabe’s GoFundMe Campaign Merged by K Street PR Firm They have closed the account right now – there’s a lot of money – but you’re likely to ask McCabe for bank details and you will transfer that income directly to him.”

Even better: Glenn, 49, with a net worth of $ 8.5 million according to Forbes’ 2013 estimate is still standing. Are you still looking for donations for your projects and cases? My name is Glenn hypocrisy. “He had asked if Greenwald had any connection to this claim. The user wrote:” TBH: it was a quick google search and the sites are a bit suspicious. They all quote the same 2013 Forbes line, but there is no direct Forbes link. It all looks like this. If not true, sorry. I think the dog Shelter run by the homeless in Brazil is great. “That’s when Greenwald wrote:” LOL – this says my net worth is not million, but 8.5 *** billion ***. Both are insanely low, but the cause of the error is clear. … Thanks for the nice words about the shelter, it’s appreciated. ”

People on Twitter are also discussing his resignation. Reporter Aura Bogado said, “Glenn Greenwald lives in a mansion in South America and is paid as high as half a million dollars a year at The Intercept, this is truly an incredible fortune in my ancestral homeland, but yes please tell us more about the working class detachment. “One user wrote:” Someone has to tell Glenn Greenwald it doesn’t matter who you are writing for, they are both the same. After all, that’s what he’s been telling us since 2016. “Another one,” I read your @ggreenwald article. Wow! I’m sharing this with my friends. You and I don’t share much about political views, but if there is something refuting others, I’ll read your articles. What your firm did in this case is ridiculous. Good luck. ” Another said, “The embarrassing attempt to save Glenn Greenwald’s face is so sad and pathetic at this point, just like he’s friends with Tucker Carlson right now, and you still want to wait because he’s done something wonderful 5 years ago? Yikes. ”