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Gracie Cox
Gracie Cox

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Gracie Cox, a costume designer from South Carolina, came out with allegations of sexual assault against actress and director Kevin Connolly.

He explained to Daily Beast in 2005 that he worked with Connolly in The Gardener of Eden. It was his first directing experiment, and Cox was hired as an assistant designer. Cox said that Connolly often flirts with him on set.

After filming was over, the cast and crew were celebrated with a party in a hall in downtown Manhattan. Cox claimed that Connolly pulled aside, took him to an empty room, and raped her without using a condom. Connolly insisted that the action was compromised. His lawyer, Marty Singer, told the Daily Beast that the actor “categorically denied any allegation that the attack had happened.”

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Cox Complained to Friends While Working On the Movie

Cox explained to the Daily Beast that Connolly was interested in working on The Gardener of Eden. She said that she was distracted because Connolly had a girlfriend at the time. (Connolly dated heiress Nicky Hilton was reported for two years before leaving towards the end of 2006). Cox told the website that when Connolly flirted with him, he “didn’t take it too seriously” and tolerated it because he was the boss. “There was nothing that frightened me though, it bothered me a bit.”

The Daily Beast mentioned two of Cox’s friends, reminding him that Cox complained about Connelly’s behavior at work. Connolly, through his lawyer, claimed that the attraction was mutual and Cox was flirting back.

Cox Claimed Connolly Assaulted

The situation climbed up the film’s bandage in December 2005, said Cox. About an hour later at the party, he announced that he asked Connolly to go out to smoke a cigarette. Cox said he admitted because he didn’t want to look “rough” even though he didn’t smoke. (Connolly’s legal team object to this detail, claiming that the actor was not smoking at that time). Cox said he had a few drinks and was “tipsy.”

Cox claims that Connolly took him to a VIP area and was surprised when he kissed him. Cox said he didn’t “know how to answer,” but before doing anything, Connolly lowered his pants and raped her behind him. “I had no chance to challenge or resist in my mind,” he told Cox Daily Beast. It was really fast. I froze and was in shock. ” Cox said that Connolly did not use condoms and was finished inside. After doing it, Connolly threw him a pillow and told him to clean himself. Cox said that Connolly recommended that he wait a few minutes after leaving the room to avoid appearing together.

Cox said he did not hold the incident on his own with Connolly. She explained that costume designer Amy Westcott was approaching her after realizing she looked sad. Cox said he told Westcott what it was, a fact that Westcott also confirmed to the Daily Beast.

Westcott immediately faced Connolly and had a heated discussion with him, according to two crew members who joined the party. Cox added that Connolly and Westcott both raised their voices and that the debate took place in the middle of the party. Westcott and Cox later discussed the incident by email, at that time Westcott said, “I knew it was not consent and went after it.” He discusses the nature of the debate between Connolly’s lawyer, Connolly and Westcott. Connolly believed that Westcott was upset because Connolly’s involvement in a crew member as director was “not professional”.

Cox Did Not File a Police Report

Cox did not report Connolly to law enforcement after the incident in the Manhattan hall. He told the Daily Beast that he was worried about his influence on his career if he spoke to Connolly. “He thinks it’s untouchable, and that’s one reason it’s hard to stand out about it.”

Cox’s good friend, Susanna Vapnek, who said she trusted her the day after the incident, said to the website, “I told her to go to the doctor because she didn’t use a condom. But his biggest concern was to be listed as an ‘unpleasant’ person to lose his job and work. ” Vapnek shared the article on his Facebook page on July 15 and praised Cox for speaking: “I am proud to have revealed his story with my dear friend Gracie Cox. Please share this article. I’m sure there are more Connelly victims out there. I hope this article can reach them and encourage them to come. ”

Cox, Who Now Works as a Social Worker

Cox announced that he was trying to stand out in 2017 after the allegations against director Harvey Weinstein went public and launched the “Ben Too” movement. He said he spoke to a reporter from Buzzfeed, but the story was never published. According to the Daily Beast, Buzzfeed’s anonymous reporter then announced that he decided to keep the story until the other criminals talked about Connolly.

Cox also said he had reached lawyer Gloria Allred because she represented him in 2017. However, he claimed that Allred’s firm did not take him as a customer because a criminal case would not be possible at that time. In New York, the timeout for a alleged rape was five years. But in 2019, Gov.Andrew Cuomo signed legislation to extend the timeout on second-level rape to 20 years and 10 years for third-level rape. “We have been insulting these survivors for five years, and we are providing more time to resolve the trauma they are experiencing today and seek justice,” Cuomo said at the time.

It was unclear whether Cox filed a criminal case against Connolly and whether the time-out period was extended.Cox said he changed his mind about moving to Los Angeles after the incident with Connolly. He said he planned to work on the HBO show Entourage with Westcott.

He then moved to his hometown Charleston, South Carolina and made a career change. According to the South Carolina Social Workers’ Board, Cox is “in good shape” with a licensed social worker and health board. He received his current license in August 2018 and will need to renew in January 2021. Cox told the Daily Monster that he was working with traumatized children.