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Graham Ivan Clark
Graham Ivan Clark

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Graham Ivan Clark, 17, was behind the Twitter hack that gave him access to the accounts of Bill Gates, Barack Obama, and many other celebrities with millions of followers.

What did the authorities say about Graham Ivan Clark and why was he arrested?

Authorities said a 17-year-old boy was behind the Twitter attack, which allowed him to access the accounts of Bill Gates, Barack Obama and other celebrities with millions of followers.
Graham Ivan Clark was arrested Friday in his Tampa apartment, according to the Hillsborough State Attorney’s Office.Graham Ivan Clark, 17, was arrested Friday morning in Tampa, Florida. Prosecutors say he “devised” the largest social media violation in history
The Twitter accounts of dozens of famous personalities were hijacked

Graham Ivan Clark Education

“He looks like a 17-year-old boy who graduated from high school,” said State Attorney Andrew Warren. “But make no mistake, this was not a normal 17-year-old boy. This was an extremely sophisticated attack in an unprecedented size.”
Clark’s plan was to steal the identities of prominent people, then post messages that would lead victims to send Bitcoins to their accounts with their names. A state attorney said Friday that he has raised more than $ 100,000 in Bitcoin in just one day.

As a cryptocurrency, it is difficult to track and recover when Bitcoin is stolen in a scam.
“This suspect lives here in Tampa, has committed the crime and will be tried here,” Warren said at an online news conference.
He added that Florida law gives prosecutors greater flexibility to try an adult child in a financial fraud case.
“I commend our federal law enforcement partners, the Northern California Federal Attorney, the FBI, the IRS and the Secret Service, the Florida Law Department. They worked quickly to investigate and identify the author of a sophisticated and comprehensive fraud. ”
The attack took place on July 15. At the time, Twitter said there was a “coordinated” attack targeting its employees with “access to internal tools and systems.”

What types of charges will Graham Ivan Clark face?

Clark’s fraudsters faced more than $ 50,000 in organized fraud, 17 fraud in criminal communications, once aggravated identity theft, 10 identity thefts, and one count of census for illegal access to attacks on a computer.

It is expected to appear for the first time in court tomorrow.
Clark said he had access to Twitter accounts and internal controls on the social media platform, committing a Twitter employee. Clark later sold access to these accounts and used the identifications of known people to request money in the form of bitcoin, and promised to return it twice in return. He collected Bitcoin and never returned the money he received.

Graham Ivan Clark other frauds and crimes

“This has done a great fraud in our own backyard, and we will not bear it,” said Warren.
Clark allegedly tricked people into sending money through an account-like message that was attacked. Clark wrote the following for possible Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden:
“I return it to the community. All Bitcoin sent to the address below will be returned twice! If you send $ 1,000, I will return it $ 2,000. Just do this for 30 minutes … Enjoy!”
Some of the celebrities who said authorities were attacked by Clark include: Biden, Gates, Obama, Jeff Bezos, Mike Bloomberg, Warren Buffet, Wiz Khalifa, Floyd Mayweather, Elon Musk, and Kanye West. A handful of companies, including Apple and Uber, were also hacked.
In an update on an internal investigation on Thursday, Twitter said the incident was directed at employees using a phishing phone attack, according to the news. At that time, the popular social media company temporarily frozen all “verified” accounts to prevent further fraud.

Graham Ivan Clark’s address

His home address is in a quiet suburb on the edge of the Northdale Golf & Tennis Club in northwest Tampa, within the Gaither High School district, although it was not immediately clear if Graham was a student there.

What does Twitter say about hackers and Graham Ivan Clark?

Twitter says hackers responsible for the rape tricked employees of the social media company into giving them high-level administrative credentials through a phone scam.
The company revealed a few more details about the hack earlier this month, which it said targeted “a small number of employees through a phishing phone attack.”
“This attack was based on a significant and concerted attempt to trick certain employees and exploit human vulnerabilities to gain access to our internal systems,” the company tweeted.
The embarrassing July 15 attack compromised the accounts of some of its highest-profile users, including Tesla CEO Elon Musk and celebrities Kanye West and his wife, Kim Kardashian West, in an apparent attempt to lure their followers to send money to an anonymous bitcoin account. . .
After stealing employees’ credentials and logging into Twitter systems, the hackers were able to target other employees who had access to account support tools, the company said.
Hackers targeted 130 accounts. They managed to tweet from 45 accounts, access 36 direct message inboxes and download data from Twitter from seven. Dutch anti-Islam MP Geert Wilders has said that his inbox was among the people he accessed.
Spear-phishing is a more specific version of phishing, a phishing scam that uses email or other electronic communications to trick recipients into delivering confidential information.
Twitter said it would provide a more detailed report later “given the ongoing law enforcement investigation.”